Rippling vs. Paycom: What’s the difference?

Rippling is the only software that unifies all your siloed HR, IT, and Finance systems into one, easy-to-use platform—so you can fully automate your most repetitive busy work across every system, like payroll, benefits, time tracking, app and device management, and more.

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Data as of 4/10/23

Why do people choose Rippling over Paycom?

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Ease of use

Rippling is designed for easy configuration and use. Adding or updating an employee record ripples throughout the product, so you don’t need to navigate multiple parts of the system making the same changes.

Seamless integrations with all of your current apps

Rippling integrates with 400+ apps to help automate the full breadth of your busy work. Instantly add new hires to Slack, issue corporate cards with Brex, set employees expense limits with Expensify, and much more.

One system of record for all your employees across the world

Unlike Paycom, which can’t include U.S. based and non-U.S. based employees in the same payroll system, Rippling is the single source of truth for all employees, regardless of location. It even lets you pay international contractors. And all employees can use Rippling’s reporting, PTO, org chart, and more.

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What we’re hearing from customers

Cenk Y

Rippling saved us from combining multiple platforms and paying and tracking them individually — now all of our HR and IT is in one place. It is a comprehensive, one and done solution that saved us from hiring an HR and IT manager (which can cost more than $200K). Definitely recommend that other companies implement Rippling early on.

Penny F

I love how Rippling Support is so responsive and reactionary., they are there for any question I have and are always very friendly.

Jacob C

I've worked with a lot of HR tools in the past and ultimately businesses move away from them because they refuse to innovate and consolidate softwares. Rippling is literally a 1 stop shop for HR, ERP, and IT services so you can't beat that.

Daniel J

Something insanely hard, like setting up unemployment taxes in Ohio, is done effortlessly and simply in Rippling. The customer service and the customer support team (Shout out to RONIKA!!!) makes it EVEN more user, friendly and innovative.

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See how Rippling compares to Paycom and learn how to get rid of your most tedious HR, IT, and Finance busy work with our unified system—from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between.