The Tour You Must Take!, and other types of tours in the Florida region are always fun! Miami to Key West tours is characterized by some things which include a drive with a scenic view of a bay.

About Key West:

Key West is a city on an island and is also the part of Florida’s southernmost part. It lies almost 90 miles towards the north of Cuba. The island is primarily famed because of the conch-style and pastel-hued color and also because of the laid-back attitude of the people. The island is also a stop for the cruise ships which means that you can also get to tour the city while you are on a cruise. The island is also quite famous for the coral reefs which are the favorites of all of those that come for snorkeling and diving.

Why should you tour?

The breathtaking the beauty of the whole town is paired up with the particular time that the travelers spend on this beautiful island which consequently makes the tourists crave for more. You will never be bored while you are on this tour as there is a vast variety of things to do and great things to enjoy. This also means that just one tour is not enough and that you will need to have a couple of tours to exploit the island completely. This is also why there are always throngs of visitors going to Key West from Miami whenever they have the opportunity.

The different types of tours:

The old town located in Key West is one of the favorites of the people and can also be toured just by taking a bicycle tour. Most commonly, travelers rent a bike so that they can discover the architecture and the history of the particular place. If you want, there are some walking tours that are also available which also involve a visit to the cemetery of Key West, which is unique.

Not only residents but also tourists love to take part in the Sunset Celebration, which is a revelry that takes place on a regular basis at the Mallory Square. Visitors have the chance of experiencing the breathtaking views provided here by tours on a boat or other excursions related to water.

Places to visit:

Another place that you can visit while you are on tour is the Duval Street. This is a paradise for every shopper, and the place is characterized by some restaurants, numerous bars and other options for entertainment. Traveling from Miami to Key West does take long, and also requires a lot of money, but the entertainment options provided here and the amount of fun you have all is worth it while you are here.

Another place that you need to visit while you are in Key West is the Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden. This garden is spread over one acre of land and is basically like a rainforest; green and lush.