5 Topics of Law To Pay Attention To In the Coming Years

In the coming years, there are going to be some changes in the basic way that social and legal operations are going to intersect. Which means that even in a general sense, the entire population of the United States should roughly have an idea of where things are, and where they might be headed to.

Five topics of law in particular that need to be observed from both afar and up close include legal implications surrounding drugs and addiction, immigration, protesting, freedom of speech, and hate crimes. Outside the realms of rightness and wrongness, there are still a tremendous number of legal implications in limbo.

Drugs and Addiction

When dealing with drugs and addiction, the legal system can be a bit of a minefield. If you’re addicted to illegal drugs, but you still need help, where can you go? When you go to a rehab clinic, do they pay attention to the legality of the substances you’re abusing, or how you got them? If drugs use is a health epidemic, then the law should indicate that health comes first, and legal consequences get put on the back burner at the time of initial contact between an addict and a counselor.


The legal topic of immigration is huge right now, and will be reaching a fever pitch in the coming years as the government forces that be decide what to do about the current country and world situation. It’s an incredibly complicated topic, and a solution would require a lot of thought, and then a lot of specific actions to make sure that the right people are in the right places at the right time, with the right result coming out of the other side of any implicated laws.


With the number of protests happening nationally and around the world, the laws may be changing soon regarding what protesters can be charged with. Because there are some people who insist on damaging property, charges to the whole group may start becoming a part of the legal process resulting from a lack of self-policing by protesting groups.

Freedom of Speech

The idea of freedom of speech is in the Constitution. But, what freedom of speech means can seem to be up for grabs in the legal sense. And the more that people exercise the idea of them saying whatever they want, the stronger the pushback is going to be. Lawyers are going to have an interesting time filtering out the good and the bad in the coming years.

Hate Crimes

And finally, the laws regarding hate crimes are slowly morphing in tune with overarching governmental structure right now. The concepts of who is protected and who isn’t are changing depending on who you ask, and legislation may follow to more clearly define what constitutes a hate crime in the future.