Global Workforce Management

Everything you need to run a global workforce

Global Overview

Hire, pay, and manage people worldwide

Onboard employees and contractors in 90 seconds

Set up new hires with everything they need to be productive—from devices to trainings—no matter where they are.

Pay everyone in their local currency—in minutes

Pay all of your employees and contractors around the world without waiting on transfers or conversion.

Manage HR, IT, and Finance in one unified system

Using multiple systems for your global team? That creates data silos and busy work. Rippling unifies all your systems.

Automate your global compliance work

Understanding and complying with local laws abroad is hard work. Rippling does it for you.

global onboarding

Onboard new hires anywhere, end to end

Set up employees and contractors across the globe with everything they need—from offer letters to benefits to corporate cards—in just 90 seconds.


Pay your employees and contractors around the world in 90 seconds

Pay everyone in their local currency

Seamlessly pay workers around the world without waiting for any bank transfers or conversion.

Automatically file taxes globally

Rippling instantly calculates and files payroll taxes for your employees worldwide.

Sync all your HR data with payroll

Sync hours, time off, deductions, and more with payroll from a single global system.

Use one GL integration for global spend

Save hours of reconciliation work each month with payroll and expense data that's automatically categorized and synced to your general ledger.

Securely offload payroll tasks

Precisely define which roles have access to payroll data and admin privileges—from approving hours worked to hitting “Run.”

Automate nearly any payroll process

Easily build custom workflows to notify people of important changes and automate administrative tasks—like triggering a reminder to pay a bonus.

Other global payroll providers are faking it

Don’t let their pretty websites fool you. Other global “payroll systems” are actually payroll aggregators. They stitch together third-party payroll vendors in other countries and manually transmit your payroll files to them for processing every pay period. That creates errors, delays and limitations.

Here’s what might happen with them:

You have to submit payroll up to 25 days in advance of your next pay run

You can’t pay hourly workers

You can’t natively manage hours, PTO, or expenses

You can't change your initial pay schedule

You can’t make any changes after you submit payroll

You can’t process equity tax withholdings

You can’t process off-cycle pay runs


One HR system for your team everywhere

With Rippling, you can finally bring all of your employee data from around the world into a single system. Rippling dynamically localizes everything—from fields and documents to currencies—based on work location.

No other HR system can support a global workforce out of the box

Going global with any other HR system is like building a skyscraper with hand tools. It may be possible. It will never be practical. Whenever you expand into a new country, you’ll repeat foundational work, like building custom fields. And to do anything beyond payroll or hiring, you’ll have to continually patch together disparate systems.

Here’s what you can expect using them:

You can’t manage your domestic and international workforces in a single system

You can’t manage your employee’s time & attendance in the same system

You can’t build unified reports using both your domestic and international HR data

You can’t manage all of your employee expenses, corporate cards, and bills in the same system

You can’t view your entire workforce in a single org chart

You can’t remotely manage your IT—like devices and apps—in the same system

You can’t customize policies by country

You have to manually assign and manage country-specific compliance trainings


Tailor your policies, benefits, and culture to every country

Rippling gives you the tools to provide your international workforce with an experience as standardized (or localized) as you like.

Create a custom holiday calendar for every country

Design worldwide and country-specific policies

Offer rich and affordable benefits in every country

Offer equity to everyone, everywhere


Automate your compliance, at home and abroad

Localized hiring agreements are just the start. Our compliance automation takes more liability off your plate than any other provider.

Global minimum wage enforcement

Global overtime enforcement

Global leave enforcement

Global compliance training

Lean on our in-country compliance experts

Need help on sensitive employment issues or country-specific laws? Our HR advisors are experts in local jurisdictions.

Global workforce reporting

Report on all your employee data across the world in one place

Monitor global compensation trends by department, location, and more, with built-in conversion to your local currency for easy comparison.

Track all of your company's spend globally—payroll, reimbursements, corporate cards, and bills—and slice the data by office or however else you'd like.

Easily track hiring against open headcount with with reports that show progress by location, start date, cost, and more.

View the total compensation of your domestic and international employees together in a single system: salary, equity, benefits premiums, and more.

Evaluating other global solutions? Here are some questions to ask.

Global Payroll

How far in advance do I need to process payroll?


< 5 days


15-30 days

How this impacts your business

Other global payroll systems work with third-party payroll providers to process your payroll

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. They take your payroll file, send it to their partner, wait for the partner to calculate payroll taxes, send your payroll back to you, and then deposit funds to your employees.

With those long payroll processing times, you lose the flexibility you need to manage your business. For example, you have to submit commissions, bonuses, and reimbursements 2-4 weeks in advance of payday. So if you want to pay an employee a bonus but the payroll deadline has already passed, your employee won’t be able to receive their bonus until the following pay cycle—sometimes 45 days later. Plus, adding additional vendors into the mix can lead to errors and inconsistencies.

With Rippling, you can process global payroll in just 5 days, giving you more flexibility to approve hours worked, add commissions and bonuses, and more. Plus, you get to hold onto your money 2-3x longer before it’s sent to your employees. See less

Can I see a breakdown of the gross and net pay before I submit payroll?



How this impacts your business

Other global payroll systems manually process your payroll through third-party providers. That

...See more

means a third-party provider calculates your taxes and gross pay, making it impossible to see a breakdown of payroll in real time. You’ll have to wait until the third-party provider sends the file back to your EOR for you to see gross payroll—and that can be days.

Rippling Global Payroll is a payroll engine built and processed in-house through software. As a result, it processes payroll from start to finish, with no delays or errors. You’ll be able to see the exact amounts for taxes and net pay as you run payroll, making it easy to plan pay runs and avoid surprises. See less

Do you have a built-in time & attendance tool that automatically calculates payroll and overtime for hourly employees?



How this impacts your business

Other global hiring systems do not have native time & attendance software, nor do they allow you to classify employees as hourly in their system. Theref

...See more

ore you’re forced to misclassify them as contractors so that you can pay them hourly, or you miss out on a massive candidate pool due to system limitations.

With Rippling, you can hire salaried or hourly employees as long as the country allows it. Global hourly employees can use Rippling Time & Attendance, which syncs seamlessly with Rippling Global Payroll, so you never have to do any manual calculations to pay these employees. It also calculates overtime in every country, so it’s easy to stay on top of compliance. See less

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Global HRIS

How long does it take to send employment agreements to new hires through your system?


90 seconds


up to 14 days

How this impacts your business

Other systems require manual, backend work to onboard global employees into their system. That mea

...See more

ns it can take several days, and sometimes even weeks, to send out employment agreements, which can result in new hires going elsewhere.

With Rippling, you can instantly send new hires employment agreements. We use technology to check work authorization, so agreements can be sent instantly. See less

Can we store and manage all of our global employee data in one system?



How this impacts your business

Without Rippling, you’re stuck managing your global workforce out of multiple systems, which re

...See more

sults in siloed or incomplete data. That makes it nearly impossible to run reports on your entire workforce or to automate workflows across the employee lifecycle.

Rippling’s global HRIS can store employee data—like HR, Payroll, Benefits, IT, and Finance—all over the world. We also localize every field, so you never have to question the data’s integrity or wonder if you’re collecting the right information. See less

Can we instantly make changes to employees' data, such as initiating a promotion or changing a last name?



How this impacts your business

Other systems require you to amend an existing contract or create a new contract whene

...See more

ver any changes to an employee’s personal information—like address or phone number—need to occur.

With Rippling, you can easily make changes to an employee, and the change will automatically update across Rippling. Or, you can simply specify a future date, and we’ll wait to change it until then with no impact to your current operations. See less

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Global Compliance

Do you automatically calculate overtime in every country?



How this impacts your business

If you don’t track and pay overtime correctly, your business is at risk of receiving fines or penalties. Other sys

...See more

tems can’t even track hours, so it’s impossible to know if you’re complying with overtime rules in other countries.

Rippling Time & Attendance has built-in overtime rules for every country where payroll is supported. We’ll automatically alert you when an employee works overtime and calculate overtime pay based on local laws.See less

Do you automatically assign required country-specific compliance training to EOR employees?



How this impacts your business

Without Rippling, you have to figure out if a country requires employee compliance train

...See more

ing, then find a system to enable that training. Otherwise, your business is at risk of breaking the law.

With Rippling, we automatically enroll employees in country-specific compliance courses and track their progress to ensure courses are completed by the mandated deadline. See less

Can you automatically alert me if my employee is being paid under minimum wage?



How this impacts your business

Rippling will automatically alert you if you’re paying an employee under minimum wage, and provide you with guidance on how to fix it.

Global IT

Can we automatically provision apps, like Slack, Gmail and AWS, whenever new employees onboard?



How this impacts your business

Other systems have zero IT functionality. That means you have to manually provision apps for y

...See more

our employees, every time someone onboards or transitions roles. Then, when someone leaves, you have to remember to manually deprovision apps, to ensure their access is removed.

With Rippling, you can automatically provision all the apps an employee needs at once when you onboard them. Then, they can easily access their apps via SSO, so you never have to deal with app access or issues. And when you offboard employees, you can select the exact date and time to remove their access. See less

Can we manage and monitor the security of our employees’ devices?



How this impacts your business

Other systems don’t have the functionality to support your employees’ devices. That means you’

...See more

re left relying on other disparate point solutions or you’re not monitoring device security at all. 

With Rippling, you can instantly see the status of your entire fleet, like when viruses are detected, and lock and wipe them if a laptop is stolen. Plus, you can enforce your employees to use multi-factor authentication to double down on security. See less

Global Finance

Can our employees submit their expenses directly through your system/mobile app?



How this impacts your business

Without Rippling, you have to use a separate system—or a combination of emails and spr

...See more

eadsheets—to manage employee expenses.

Rippling offers the fastest way to reimburse employees and contractors for corporate expenses, wherever they are in the world. When you reimburse employees through Rippling Payroll, you can even pay them in their local currency while reporting on expenses in your own. See less

Can we automatically issue corporate cards to new hires with pre-set limits? And then automatically disable their cards when they leave?



How this impacts your business

Without Rippling, you have to manually issue cards to your employees and apply spending limits. If some

...See more

one leaves your company, you have to remember to go back into your credit card account to disable their card.

With Rippling, you can issue corporate cards to your teams with pre-set limits based on their role attributes. If someone leaves your company, Rippling will automatically disable the card for you. See less

Can we review, approve, and reimburse expenses directly through your system?



How this impacts your business

With other global solutions, you have to review and approve expenses in another sys

...See more

tem, then add reimbursements manually to each pay run. You can’t even set up recurring expense reimbursements.

With Rippling, you can review, approve and reimburse expenses directly in Global Payroll. See less

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Everything you need to run HR, IT, and Finance globally

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Global HRIS

Global Time & Attendance

Global Employee Surveys

Global Learning Management

Global Applicant Tracking

Global Compliance

Global HR Workflow Automation

Global Workforce Analytics

Global IT

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The only platform that can scale your international workforce

A business hiring its first contractor abroad has different needs from one operating several global offices. Rippling can help you address every stage of your international growth, while allowing you to transition easily between them.

Global contractor payments

Hire and pay contractors globally. No entity required.

Global Employer of Record (EOR) services

Hire and pay employees globally. No entity required.

Global Payroll via your entities

Run payroll for employees globally via your own entities.


What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An employer of record (EOR) enables companies to legally hire and collaborate with employees overseas without opening their own local entity in that country, while fully complying with local employment and tax laws. An EOR takes on the responsibility of establishing its own legal entity in a country to hire employees on the client’s behalf. It handles the legal requirements of employment, such as payroll, employment contracts, vacation, leave, and taxes, while allowing you to continue to manage employees’ day-to-day work.

How quickly can I get an employee onboarded?

This can vary depending on the country and pace with which the employees onboards, but Rippling EOR makes it as quick as possible. We have automated most of the process, from automatically generating locally compliant documents to auto-approving 95% of employment agreements.

If I’m managing employees through Rippling EOR in one country, then decide to open a local entity, can I still use Rippling to manage and pay those employees?

Yes. If you decide to open a local entity, you can continue to use Rippling to manage your local workforce, and Rippling Global Payroll to pay them through your entity. We make the switch as easy as possible, and all your data and tools will remain the same.

Does Rippling support immigration?

We offer immigration services backed by top tier immigration advisers, and sponsor immigration visas in many countries. Enquire for more information.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.