The Dangers of Texting While Driving

When you are behind the wheel of the car, your safety solely lies in the manner you conduct yourself. Most of the times mishaps are not accidental; you  involuntarily invite them.

Texting while driving is a major cause of accidents. Reckless driving in Florida attracts severe penalties but it is your priceless life that you put at stake. The dangers of texting while driving are manifold. Though people are aware of them, many overlook the risks and this is really unfortunate.

Restriction on use of hands for smooth simultaneous activities

Structural constitution of human beings has undergone significant evolution since primeval times. However, we still have only two hands which naturally restrict our ability to simultaneously operate a number of tools. While driving both hands should be on the wheel, which makes it impossible to allocate the hand for operating s cell phone. This makes texting a dangerous proposition and your safety is severely compromised.

Inviting danger by taking your eyes off the wheel

Suppose you have been travelling at a speed of 60 mph and a text message arrives on your phone. You take your eyes off the road and focus your attention on operating the phone and bang! A mere 5 seconds’ distraction to answer a text is as hazardous as driving blindfolded through a football field replete with obstacles. Brain neurons are not so  great  at multitasking. This means that the neurons may not alert you of impending obstacles when they are busy processing the information pertaining to text messages.

Studies by The Transport Research Laboratory show that people texting while driving are more likely to get involved in accidents than those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Deterioration in reaction time is 37% compared to 13% and 21% as induced by alcohol and drugs respectively.

Reckless driving in Florida is punished by heavy fines to encourage people to drive safely. The amount of the fine imposed by the Federal Government is being constantly revised and increased on account of the grievous injuries caused.

The dangers of texting become more aggravated when you are weaving through heavy traffic on the highways. Reckless driving is a major cause of concern for traffic law enforcement officers and lawmakers.

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