Balancing Work, Law, and Addiction Recovery

There are situations that people can get into where a balancing act becomes necessary between the ideas of work, law, and addiction recovery. Any sort of substance abuse can be common among people in certain professions, geographic areas, demographics, or even among people with a certain genetic disposition. Mix in the fact that there are legal implications regarding some substances, and recovery options can feel limited.

To be able to work around this balance, it’s important to be able to find applicable rehab centers, understand drug schedules, find anonymous resources for help, read success stories about people who have made it through similar situations, and keep your privacy intact.

Finding Applicable Rehab Centers

Going to rehab is a bit different if you have a job you want to keep. You may have to tell your boss you’re going on vacation. You may have to keep certain details private to avoid creating a stigma for your company or brand. You may even want to hide that fact completely if you have a problem, and simply want to deal with it away from your professional environment. That’s a decision each individual has to make.

Understanding Drug Schedules

Most people have an idea of how drugs are scheduled, but things can be more complicated legally if the scheduling changes over time, or under certain circumstances. There are a lot of political considerations when it comes to the legality of certain types of drugs, so depending on what style of addiction is occurring, deciding how to approach it from a legal standpoint can certainly have a long-term or permanent effect on your job. It’s important that you approach this practically.

Finding Anonymous Resources

Depending on professional (and family) circumstances, someone dealing with addiction recovery may want to be as anonymous as possible when searching for help as well. Going to AA meetings is a powerful way to get help without notoriety, and that’s why it’s such a popular resource for so many people. The fact there is no judgment involved along with the anonymity helps to create its successful environment.

Reading Success Stories

Specifically focusing on legal implications of addiction recovery, if you choose to read success stories of people who have managed to find the balance between addiction recovery and their jobs, then you can be more aware of the details and processes other people have gone through. Did they need lawyers? How much access did their employers have to their records while recovery? Questions like that will be answered.

Keeping Privacy Intact

And finally, the best balance in these situations, especially because of the legal implications of drug use, will always ensure the most privacy possible for you. This is both medically and socially, so be sure you’re very careful of the things that you post on any type of social media.

5 Topics of Law To Pay Attention To In the Coming Years

In the coming years, there are going to be some changes in the basic way that social and legal operations are going to intersect. Which means that even in a general sense, the entire population of the United States should roughly have an idea of where things are, and where they might be headed to.

Five topics of law in particular that need to be observed from both afar and up close include legal implications surrounding drugs and addiction, immigration, protesting, freedom of speech, and hate crimes. Outside the realms of rightness and wrongness, there are still a tremendous number of legal implications in limbo.

Drugs and Addiction

When dealing with drugs and addiction, the legal system can be a bit of a minefield. If you’re addicted to illegal drugs, but you still need help, where can you go? When you go to a rehab clinic, do they pay attention to the legality of the substances you’re abusing, or how you got them? If drugs use is a health epidemic, then the law should indicate that health comes first, and legal consequences get put on the back burner at the time of initial contact between an addict and a counselor.


The legal topic of immigration is huge right now, and will be reaching a fever pitch in the coming years as the government forces that be decide what to do about the current country and world situation. It’s an incredibly complicated topic, and a solution would require a lot of thought, and then a lot of specific actions to make sure that the right people are in the right places at the right time, with the right result coming out of the other side of any implicated laws.


With the number of protests happening nationally and around the world, the laws may be changing soon regarding what protesters can be charged with. Because there are some people who insist on damaging property, charges to the whole group may start becoming a part of the legal process resulting from a lack of self-policing by protesting groups.

Freedom of Speech

The idea of freedom of speech is in the Constitution. But, what freedom of speech means can seem to be up for grabs in the legal sense. And the more that people exercise the idea of them saying whatever they want, the stronger the pushback is going to be. Lawyers are going to have an interesting time filtering out the good and the bad in the coming years.

Hate Crimes

And finally, the laws regarding hate crimes are slowly morphing in tune with overarching governmental structure right now. The concepts of who is protected and who isn’t are changing depending on who you ask, and legislation may follow to more clearly define what constitutes a hate crime in the future.

How to Hire The Right Lawyer For You

Life can often present us with some sticky situations in which we are going to need legal representation. We are not just talking about a criminal charge like a speeding ticket a DUI or an assault charge, legal representation can also be needed after an incident in the work place, a divorce or even a malpractice suit from a hospital visit.

You may think that you’ll never need one but should the situation arise whereby you need representation it is important that you do all that you can to hire the right lawyer for you and your case. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects you should be looking at when it comes to hiring a lawyer.


Whilst many law firms will have various branches which look after specific aspects of the law, it will be important that you look to hire a specialist for your case. There are many ‘Jack of all trade’ lawyers out there and whilst these may be able to give you solid representation, hiring a specialist will be the best course of action for you to take. In order to gain the best possible outcome a specialist lawyer will be the best option for you as they will know this area of the law inside-out including historical cases and of course, how to get the strongest verdict possible.


Lawyers are judged wholeheartedly on their abilities to win cases and when searching for a lawyer you should spend some time investigating the track record of a number of different lawyers. Winning cases comes in many forms, reduced sentencing, case being thrown out and even suspended sentencing and you should use all of your resources to find out how successful the history of a lawyer is before hiring. Many lawyers will tell you how good they are but the only way of finding out for sure is to look at their history.

Meet With Them

You need to ensure that you have a lawyer who believes in you, is very knowledgable and has a good bedside manner. Going through legal proceedings is alien to many of us and as such it is important that you have someone who is on your side at all times. To try and find the best lawyer for you in this regard you should sit down and have a meeting with a few different lawyers. There is no obligation to hire a lawyer after a meeting and you can really get a flavor for how they work and how you feel when talking to them. Finding the right blend of a good lawyer and one with strong personal skills can be tough but sitting down and talking through your case will be one of the best ways for you to find out if you can work with this particular professional.


The cost of the lawyer will of course have to be factored in, like many things in life, the best lawyers charge the highest fees. You may wish to try and save money on your legal representation but it important to know that generally speaking, you get what you pay for so if you can squeeze out some extra money for your representation then you’d be well advised to do so.

Three Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Money And Your Health

Poor health care can cost you a lot of money. Not only does it shorten your lifespan and make life more difficult, but it also drains your bank account and your savings. Even if you have health insurance you may still be paying a good deal of money if you have major health issues or illnesses.

From pregnancy to a broken leg, and from diabetes to cancer, medical conditions are costly. Plus, you run the risk of complications, in pregnancy and in surgery. Saving money when it comes to healthcare starts with eating right and getting physical activity into each day of your life, and it continues with the following things.

Know Your Rights As A Patient

You never have to take a medication just because your doctor recommends it. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons. Talk to them about why they want to prescribe it to you and whether or not there are any other options.

While malpractice doesn’t happen constantly, it could happen, so you want to know what your risks are when it comes to going under the knife. Look into your doctor’s history. Talk about all the things that could go wrong during your surgery. Make sure you weigh the risks of the surgery against the chance that it will actually help you.

Invest In Insurance

Make sure that you do have medical insurance. Get it now, before you have something go wrong. Changes are coming to coverage when it comes to insurance and you may find that if you get sick without insurance you won’t get coverage for your illness once you do get it.

Insurance isn’t always cheap, but it can seriously save you some money in the long run. Insurance doesn’t always cover everything. You may want to make sure that you have some sort of discount plan that also covers your prescriptions (which can seriously add up).

Have A Savings Account

Your savings account is your lifeline. Without one, you don’t have money for emergencies. You can use money from your savings account toward medical expenses if you need to if you need some money in an emergency. There are also medical savings accounts you can look into specifically for money that will go toward doctor’s appointments, visits to the hospital, and even medication expenses.

Putting away money for the things that you may (or may not) need in the future is a good, adult thing to do. You may want to save money even if you have credit cards, insurance, and other ways to gain access to money, simply because it is a wise thing to do. Many people live paycheck-to-paycheck these days, and a savings account is the one way to get out of that pattern.

Your Dog And The Law

There’s more to owning a dog than just feeding them and taking them to the veterinary clinic on a regular basis. Since dogs are extremely domesticated they don’t do well to fend on their own, and they can sometimes get themselves (and you, in the process) in trouble. From slipping out of the fence and running loose (dog at large) to biting the neighbor when they try to pet it, your dog could actually get you into legal trouble if you aren’t careful.

Before you consider buying or even adopting a dog, you need to take some time and research the laws and regulations in your area. Some places have leash laws, while other don’t. Some places even have ordinances on when you might get in trouble for your dog’s incessant barking!

Dog Bites

What happens if your dog bites someone? Well, there are a few things that can happen, depending on where you live, who they bite, and if they are up-to-date on their vaccinations. You’re safer to teach your dog manners (it’s called obedience class and making sure you’re the alpha in their life) and keeping dogs that have shown aggression muzzled or away from people that it might bite.

If your dog bites someone that person could sue you. Your dog could be put to sleep. If your dog has not had its shot, particularly its rabies shot, and there’s any chance they might be infected, they will most definitely be put down.


Dogs bark, it’s kind of their thing. Some dogs bark more than other dogs and you can train your dog only to bark on command or when someone pulls in the driveway/knocks on the door. If you have a dog that barks all night long and is annoying neighbors, you may quickly learn about the noise ordinances in your area, whether you live in your own home in the city or you rent an apartment.


Before you go walking around town with your dog unleashed you should make sure you know the leash laws in your area. You should also make sure you know your dog. If they run off after a squirrel and get hit by a car you’re going to be distraught, and you may be liable for the damage caused to that car and driver for your negligence with your dog.

If your dog gets loose in an area where there are laws about leashes you could get ticketed for having a dog at large. That’s just one more added expense to a pet that isn’t cheap in the first place.


If your loose dog isn’t licensed you may also get a ticket for that. Find out if licensing is required where you live (it probably is) and make sure to get your dog legal. Some areas have canvassers that actually go door-to-door to check that all dogs in the area are properly licensed, and fine those that have dogs that aren’t.

4 Reasons to hire a Mesothelioma attorney

Mesothelioma is the rarest, and the most aggressive form of cancer, which mostly develops in individual; those who remain in the direct exposure of asbestos for long. There are four types of Mesothelioma: Pleural (lungs), testicular, peritoneal (abdomen, and pericardial (heart).  And, the first one is the most common type, comprising 90% of all diagnosis.

Do you know the majority of 3,000 cases of Mesothelioma reported every year in the United States of America are job-related exposures to asbestos?  And, another study from Imperial College London stats that 10% of cancer deaths are caused from workplace Mesothelioma.  Are you one of them, a victim of intentional negligence of your company? Yes, then you are qualified to get compensation for the hassles you and your family faced (facing). For that reason, hiring a mesothelioma attorneys like the ones at is imperative to ensure that you will be awarded the highest amount of recompense.

  1. Expertise to handle

Mesothelioma law is a specific practice of law emerged from the broad vertical of personal injury.  But, this asbestos-exposed disease is diverse from workplace injuries and illness, it is a silent killer. Following exposure to asbestos, may not present any symptoms for years.  And, when a Mesothelioma diagnosis is detected positive, 10 to 20 years may have passed since the initial asbestos exposure. Who will remember, when and where the asbestos exposure occurred, and how can you prove that your previous employer was at fault. Thus, Mesothelioma cases are both complex, and complicated, you need someone with credentials to craft a successful claim.

Most, Asbestos attorneys know all the types of profiles, and products which are prominent for asbestos exposure.  And, in fact, they know all the companies in their operational area which are associated with asbestos exposure over the years, even the companies which are no longer in business, or are doing trade under a different brand name.

2   Experience- They know the ropes

An experienced Mesothelioma lawyer is praiseworthy, as asbestos claims are generally against big businesses, which devote extensive resources to safeguard themselves against legal proceedings. So, you can’t sign up just about any attorney in your location to prevent your claim going for a toss in the first hearing itself.

Experienced asbestos attorneys in most circumstances have the competence to accomplish a settlement between the defended and the victim party outside the court.  They will advise whether you should reject the offer and take your claim to the court, or not? Some of the facets which have an influencing impact on the above decision are the progression of the disease, chances of a successful claim, and monetary resources.

3   Help you out in your darkest hours

A Mesothelioma diagnosis means an emotionally taxing affair for you and your family, and a great deal of time is mandatory to spend on its medical treatment. Asbestos attorneys are there to help you out by doing all the necessary documentation work, and can also appear in the court’s hearings on their complaint’s behalf. This is exceptionally important for the victim and the family to focus only on combating this deadly disease.

 4  Do you stand a chance in the court- the inventible truth?

Reputed Mesothelioma attorneys in their first consultation guide and present the truth whether your case is worth a claim, or just a waste of time and money? They will thoroughly scrutinize your specific case through their years of experience, and knowledge to reach a concluding conclusion.

All the above perks of a Mesothelioma lawyer can meet, only if you come across the right guy, who is both qualified and experienced in handling asbestos litigation.





















Dangerous Intersections in CA Infographic

Every state has its own share of dangerous intersections and traffic problem spots, but California stands out because of its size and the complexity of its roadways. These factors, along with its bustling economy, help contribute to the reasons why it plays host to three of the 10 most dangerous intersections in the country. From blind turns to complex, multidirectional intersections and odd angles when streets meet, there are also a variety of physical factors that can play into things. If you are traveling anywhere in California’s four biggest metropolitan areas, you need to know about these potential problem intersections so that you can plan your trips across town safely and efficiently. Learn more from the infographic below:

Dangerous Intersections in CA Infographic

3 Things Homeowners Should Know About Building Codes

Building codes are set in place to establish clear standards for home and business owners while building any type of structure.  Every room in a chosen structure, including the foundation, is most likely subject to one or several different building codes.

DIY projects like a family deck or a mother-in-law suite can quickly become overtly expensive if the homeowner does not have a firm foundational knowledge of the specific building codes for the location prior to construction.  Below are a few things every homeowner should know about building codes BEFORE beginning a new project.  These are the top three most common code violations.

Working without a permit.

Before beginning any DIY building project at home, contact the local building authorities.  Be detailed and honest when describing the specs of the project to avoid roadblocks later.  Not all DIY home construction requires a permit and local inspection, so it is helpful to be informed first.

Sure! Acquiring a building permit may take extra time and money, but it will assure that the work is done to code.  Building codes will ensure that the structure is safe and energy-efficient, which will save the family money over time.

Not properly testing materials for asbestos and lead.

Asbestos was used in many building materials before the 1970’s.  If the project in question is related to a building constructed during this timeframe, then there is a high likelihood that asbestos will be present.

Disposal of this toxic material is strictly regulated, and should be handled by professionals to ensure the safety of the home and anyone else that may come into contact with the affected materials.

Also, lead testing kits are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local hardware store.  DIY projects are not legally subjected to coding standards when it comes to lead paint, but it can be hazardous to scrape or peel any lead-based product.

Converting the basement to a bedroom without installing an egress window.

Thousands of homeowners remodel their basements every year.  Conversion is not usually a cheap project, and it could cost even more if the homeowner disregards local coding laws.  Any bedroom built in a basement has to have an egress window.  It is an essential requirement for fire code and safety.

If the “sleeping room” in question does not have an egress window, a realtor is not legally allowed to consider the room a bedroom.  This could adversely affect the home’s worth and cause the homeowner to lose money over time.

Overall, it is wise to research local building codes before beginning any project around the home.  If the new plans will change the structure of the home in any way at all, then a building permit and code adherence is essential to safely succeed.

3 Reasons Understanding Law Will Help You Throughout Your Life

There are many subject matters in life that would prove useful to you to have a general, if not a comprehensive understanding of. Knowledge is power, and so in this world, the more knowledge you hold on a wide variety of things, the more you will be in demand as a commodity. Your knowledge might be sought after in business, you might be hailed as a spiritual guru to which many people admire, or you might just find that understanding a little about a lot of different things helps you to be a well-rounded person and that simply makes your heart happy inside.

Of course, the applications of knowledge are unlimited, but if you’re looking for something particular to sink your teeth into that will help you throughout your life, law would be a really great place to start for these 3 reasons:

You Won’t Get Taken Advantage Of

There are a lot of really smart people out in the world and not all of them are nice. If you want to be able to hold your own and not get taken advantage of, having an understanding of law will help you accomplish that. No matter what you do in life or business, knowing how the law works will help you understanding what you’re getting yourself into and what may or may not be a good deal or bargain.

You’ll know whether or not to sign that annuity agreement upon retirement, you’ll know whether a contract is well-written or not, or, at a minimum, you’ll understand the jargon associated with the contracts you unwittingly agree to every day of your life.

You’ll Make Great Money

If you choose to make law your career field, there are a lot of avenues you could take that would bring in serious cash flow. Law can be tricky to understand, so the sooner that you study it and the more you know, the more lucrative it will be for you. Not only will you not get taken advantage of by others, you’ll be the one helping others not get taken advantage of, either. You could work in a variety of law fields, and the more specialized you become, the more money you’ll make, which is always good.

You Could Represent Yourself in Court

Of course, you’d be hoping that your life would never come to this, but on the off chance that you’re convicted of a crime and have to stand up in a suit of law, you wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars finding somebody to represent your case if you’ve spent enough time studying it and learning the ropes enough to be able to represent yourself.

In the end, it’s a lot of work, but so is anything worth having in life. If you’re going to put the time in anywhere, it might as well be law, because laws run nations, and when you understand the measure by which a government is operated, you hold the power.

Here’s What Portugal Looks Like 15 Years after Legalizing Drugs

In the late 2000s, a small city in Germany decided to take off all the traffic lights and road signs. It was a radical experiment to make the streets safer. It might seem unlikely at first, but this solution actually worked, and the little city became an accident-free zone. People just paid more attention. Nobody knows how this experiment might turn out in a big city, but we learned a very important lesson: a change in perspective can sometimes be the key ingredient to solving a problem.

Portugal used the same approach in 2001 when, dealing with a high number of drug consumers, they fully decriminalized personal drug use.

How Portugal Got Here?

Until 1974, Portugal lived in its protective bubble created by the dictatorship that controlled the country for nearly half of a century, isolating it from the rest of the world. Then, all of the sudden, the country plunged from authoritarianism to democracy and into creating a new Portuguese identity. They felt like a hungry little mouse in a giant barn full of food, and they started experimenting new political views, new economy trends and… hard drugs.

By the nineteen-eighties, drug abuse became a major problem in Portugal and authorities began dealing with it by using the traditional means – spending more money on police, investigations, prosecutions, sending the drug users to jail and so on. In 1999, not only did the the situation didn’t improve, but it got worse than ever before. Almost a hundred thousand people representing 1% of the total population of the country were heroin addicts. Another worrying aspect was Portugal winning the “title” of the European Union’s country with the highest rate of drug-related AIDS mortality rate.

In this desperate situation, Portugal did not act as probably most of the countries would have (seeing that it did learn something from the past) but took a daring, controversial and risky decision: full decriminalization of the personal drug use. This way, Portugal became the first country implementing such a law, bypassing even Italy and the Netherlands, who rarely prosecute minor drug use, but that have never totally decriminalized drug use.

What Impact Did The New Law Have in the Country?

The Law Offices of Allan Rombro P.A. can attest to the fact that the number of convictions and people jailed for drug-related crimes dropped. Nowadays, the Portuguese authorities do not arrest anyone who has upon him drugs that represent less than a ten day supply of drugs (that includes any drugs from cannabis to heroin, ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine and so on). Most of these people are sent to a drug dissuasion panel which is composed of legal, social, and psychological experts. If they are “first timers,” which happens 80-85% of the time, they get a treatment that varies from motivational counseling to therapy.

For those who have been caught multiple times, the panel may impose a fine on them, but there is rarely any penalty. If they refuse treatment, they are constantly monitored by their family doctor. If they don’t show up to the doctor’s appointment, the police is contacted but not before they notify the drug user about the appointment. On the other hand, drug dealers and traffickers are sent to jail.

15 years later, despite all beliefs and expectations, drug use among adults and also young people aged between 15 and 24 who are most at risk for drug initiation is now lower, and it continues to drop according to the NGO Transform. The same study reveals that the number of deaths caused by illicit drug use is now a lot lower than it was in 2001.

According to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction Policy, the number of people diagnosed with HIV and AIDS-related to drug injection has also decreased from 1,016 cases in 2001 to 56 in 2012. Even if it remains a problem, it is a more manageable one.

Also, the number of people overdosing fell from 80 in the year that the law was voted, to 16 in 2012.

Experts suggest that not only the decriminalization itself lead to significant drop in drug use, but also the several health-related decisions that Portugal took, especially for the at-risk populations. One of the most important changes was shifting Portugal’s drug control from the Justice Department to the Ministry of Health and building a strong health program for dealing with hard drug addiction. Another one was the efficient cooperation between doctors and police, and treating drug abuse as a medical problem and not as a moral one.

Most people think that by legalizing drugs, we can only create a decadent environment that promotes the use of illegal substances. But, like Portugal, and even the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic have shown, the opposite happens.