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If you have been fired for the wrong reasons, hiring an employment lawyer in Scarborough is one of the first things you are going to want to do after improper dismissal. For individuals who are going through harassment suits, or other issues at work, hiring the best employment lawyer in Scarborough, and a firm which deals with employment law issues, is in your best interest. Not only are they experienced with these, and other workplace incident issues, but they are going to know how to take on the case, what has to be presented, and are going to understand your rights as a client as well.

Employment lawyer in Scarborough

When choosing a local Scarborough human rights lawyer to represent you, not only do you want to rely on a local firm that has many years of experience, but one which specializes in this field of the law as well. Since the type of law is complex, and is constantly changing, and since new case material is going to present itself regularly, hiring a Scarborough human rights lawyer who specializes in this field is your guarantee that they are up to date on the laws, know what has to be presented in court, and know how to properly defend you, regardless of the human rights issues you are trying to fight.

Regardless of which area of the law it is, when dealing with human rights issues and employment related suits, you want to know you are working with a law firm that has a solid track record in this area of the law. You want to know you are hiring a lawyer who has successfully represented many clients before you, and has dealt with similar types of cases as the one you are presenting to them as a client. Not only to ensure they are going to understand the complexities of your case, but also to ensure they have trial and litigation experience, in the event your case is not settled, and you do have to go to court over the legal battle.

If you are not sure where to begin your search for a specialized lawyer, you can rely on top online referral sites. In addition to having licensed attorneys on these sites, you can narrow down the search based on the area of law and type of case you are dealing with. So, you know you are only going to be meeting with licensed attorneys who are in good standing, but also those which are experienced and have many years of experience in that area of the law.

No matter what stage of the case you are in, or what type of issues you are dealing with, when dealing with specialized areas of the law, you want to know you have a true expert on your side. When hiring a local lawyer to handle your case, these are some things to consider, and ways to approach finding the top local firm, and most experienced team of litigators to handle your case, and defend you in the event your case goes to court.


What is a Staff Handbook?

There are 3 primary sections required in a good Staff Handbook. They are;

  • Policies and Procedures that cover Statutory Legislation
  • Policies and Procedures that cover best practices guidelines (e.g. ACAS)
  • Specific business process policies


What is a Staff Handbook

The key requirements of the Policies and Procedures that are required within the Handbook to cover Statutory Legislation. In this article, we are going to focus on the type of Policies and Procedures that you need to have in your Handbook to cover the Best Practice Guidelines, as defined by ACAS* (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service).

It should be included in your Staff Handbook and should be made available to your employees.

The most common ways we see employers providing employees access to their Handbook are;

  • Provide a copy of the Employee Handbook to each new employee joining their on-boarding process
  • Upload the Employee Handbook to the company intranet, shared files, share-point etc
  • Print a full copy and have it on display in the office

Policies and Procedure that cover Best Practice Guidelines

All businesses need to make sure that there they have policies and working practices in their Handbook that provide procedures and guides to deal with, manage and control, particular staff processes. For example, Disciplinary and Grievance.

ACAS Bet Practice Guidelines state that all business must have a written disciplinary and dismissal policy. All businesses are required to have minimum procedures to help encourage businesses to resolve these types of issues formally.

With you Disciplinary Policy, for example, it will need to conform to relevant legislation such as the Bribery Act of 2010.

Harassment is another policy that need to conform to legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010 however it will need to be up to date with the repeal of section for of this Act.

As with the Statutory Policies within your Handbook, your staff are required to have easy access to your Staff Handbook.

*ACAS is a public body, set up by government, with a vision and goal of improving employee to employer relations, ensuring a positive work/life balance and minimising issues of dispute between staff member and employer.