Texting and Driving: How Certain States are Cracking Down

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More and more people are getting into fatal accidents because of texting and driving. Despite multiple awareness programs in the news and relevant media on the dangers of texting while driving, many people still do it. In fact, it is estimated that 25 percent of all accidents are caused by people who were texting while driving, while about 330,000 individuals sustain varying degrees of injuries because of the same action.

Texting while driving is also categorized as distracted driving and can be quite dangerous as evidenced from the 3,179 deaths and about 430,000 injuries caused by distracted driving in 2014.

It takes a minimum time of 5 seconds to look at your phone and read a message. While this may not seem like much, the fact is if you are driving at 55 mph, it means that you’d have driven the length of a football field without keeping your eyes on the road. As you probably know, it takes just a split second of inattention to get in an accident on the road. So, taking your eyes off the road for just 1 second is bad enough.

Anything can happen; from hitting someone legitimately using the zebra crossing at a red light to getting into a collision with an oncoming vehicle, there are just too many possibilities. Now, when you decide to not just read text, but reply, it increases the odds of getting in a crash 23 times more likely.

As a result, certain states have started enforcing measures to deter the use of cellphones in general while driving. These measures are in the forms of fines, tickets, citations, points added to your license and even misdemeanors. In fact, 46 states including the District of Columbia have completely banned texting while driving and imposed steep fines for offenders.

The severity of the penalties, however, depends on the state or city in question. For instance, there’s a standard $20 fine for first offenders in California. Repeat offenders, get to pay $50 and upwards with a clear notice of the violation on your driving record. The state of New York on the other hand fines first offenders between $50 and $200 plus an extra $93 fee. Repeat offenders pay anything from $250 to $450. Even worse is that you get five driver violation points on your record. People who accrue up to eleven points get to have their driving licenses suspended.

Alaska by far, imposes the steepest fines and penalties. Texting while driving is considered a misdemeanor and can attract a fine of up to $10,000 as well as a year in prison. Offenders who cause injury to people because they were texting and driving will pay a $50,000 fine go to jail for five years.

There are just five states that haven’t yet made texting while driving a primary offense. One of these states is Florida. But, this may not last long going by the efforts of lawmakers. As at Dec, 2015, lawmakers have started clamoring to make texting while driving a primary offense in the state. This means that once passed, law enforcement agents can pull over anyone caught texting while driving, and write them a citation, book them and even arrest them depending on the severity of their offense and the outcome of their actions.

Texting While Driving and Your Insurance

Generally, the more infractions you have, the higher your chances of having your driver’s license suspended. Even more is the fact that it can affect your ability to get insurance without paying steep monthly premiums.

Now, all states have different laws when it comes to insurance and penalties related to driving and texting. So, you will have to check with your state’s laws to get a clear definition on how it can affect your insurance rates.

Insurance companies will most likely quote higher premium rates because they consider you a high-risk individual if you’ve had one or more tickets courtesy of your texting and driving habits. Every insurance provider has a rate calculating system that will determine how much you get to pay on your auto insurance every year.

For more information, get in touch with Insurance Land to get a more precise evaluation if you have been written up in the past.

How To Get a Section 10 On Drink Driving

Being charged with drink driving is a very serious offence that can come with a myriad of penalties. However, if this is your first time doing so, and you’re charged with a relatively minor offence, it may be possible for you to obtain a Section 10 ruling once you go to court for the charges. In order to increase your chances of receiving a favourable ruling, it’s important that you know what a Section 10 is and how to obtain one in court.

What is Section 10?

Section 10 refers to that particular portion of the Crimes Act of 1999. This section gives the court the ability to completely discharge the offence that you’ve been found guilty of committing. In this case, it would be something related to drink driving. Since no conviction takes place, you won’t be given a criminal record either. Additional benefits include avoiding any fines or penalties, such as a loss of driver’s license. Due to the relative severity of a drink driving offence, it’s not exactly easy to be given a Section 10 ruling.

However, your chances do increase depending on the drink driving offence you’ve been charged with. For instance, low range drink driving and novice drink driving offences all carry with them a 40 percent chance or higher of obtaining a Section 10 ruling, while your odds fall to under 25 percent if you’re being charged with a special range drink driving or mid-range drink driving offence. It’s important to note that the chances of a Section 10 are around a mere two percent if you’ve been charged with a high range drink driving offence.

Obtaining the Best Results When Going to Court For a Drunk Driving Charge

There are several things you can do to help your case when going to court on a drink driving charge. If you hope to obtain a Section 10 in court, you should definitely consider seeking the help of a drink driving lawyer, so as to bolster your chances. The court must be presented with a persuasive case on your behalf, so talk about this with your drink driving lawyer or devise a readied plan yourself. Make sure that you take a look at the best drink driving lawyers in your area. There are certain factors that go into a possible Section 10 ruling, including the nature of the offence, current age, character and mental condition of the defendant and any extenuating circumstances that played a part in you driving drunk.

There are three Section 10 types to be aware of. The first of these is an outright dismissal, while the other two are conditional discharges. The first discharge is on the condition of good behaviour, generally for a specific period of time. This period cannot last longer than two years. You will typically be required to notify the court if you change address during this period of time, and you must appear at court at any time you are summoned to do so. The second of these is a conditional discharge upon participation in an intervention program. The court will make a decision on what program you will need to enter. Now that you’re aware of what it takes to earn a Section 10, you can start planning your defence.


Using Kent Personal Injury Solicitors To Claim For A Road Traffic Accident Injury

Injuries caused during road traffic accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury, and if you have been involved in an accident, whether as a driver or passenger, on a motorbike or in a car, then you may have the right to claim compensation from the party that was responsible for causing the accident. Suffering an injury during a car accident could leave you unable to work, requiring ongoing medical attention and, in extreme cases, requiring modifications to your home and ongoing care.

In order to successfully claim compensation, you need to be able to show that you were involved in an accident, that the accident wasn’t your fault, and that you suffered a loss as a direct result of that accident. Your qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor will build a case, not only showing these factors but also determining how much compensation you should receive, and they will submit the claim through the courts on your behalf.

Proving fault can be one of the most difficult aspects of a road traffic accident personal injury claim. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that the courts attribute blame to the third party that you believe responsible. In reality, they may attribute a portion of the blame, rather than the whole blame. This means that if they determine that you have suffered £20,000 of loss and that the other party was 50% responsible, then you should receive £10,000 of compensation from that party.

Skilled personal injury solicitors will calculate the amount of money that you have already lost, but they will also take into account any future losses and expenses that arise as a result of the accident and injury. For example, you may not be able to return to work for several months, so your solicitor should determine how much work you will miss and how much salary you will lose as a result. They should also consider loss to your personal belongings, costs such as medical expenses, and also compensation for the physical and emotional suffering that the injury caused.

Road traffic accidents can take many forms. If you were the driver of a car involved in an accident caused by another driver, you should be able to make a claim. If you were the passenger in a car, then even if the accident was the fault of the driver that you were with, you have a right to claim compensation. Pedestrians can also claim compensation, as well as cyclists, passengers in taxis and public transport, and anybody else that might have been involved.

Different types of injury may also be sustained. Neck and head injuries are fairly common, and the severity of these types of injury mean that you are likely to be entitled to a significant sum in compensation, especially if the injuries prove to be long-term, or if they will have a lifelong impact on your way of life. Your Kent personal injury solicitors will be able to help you submit a claim for compensation following any road traffic accident injury.

Girlings Solicitors are specialist Kent personal injury solicitors, providing assistance to clients that have suffered injuries or illness as a result of any type of personal injury, including drivers and passengers in road traffic accidents.

TiHow To Get The Payout You Deserve For Your Car Accident Injury

If you live in the Toronto area and have recently suffered injuries as the result of an accident that was caused by someone else, you deserve to receive a full settlement. Don’t let your insurance company try to talk you into accepting a partial payment, or discourage you from challenging them in court. If your medical bills are driving you into bankruptcy, it’s time to make the insurance company do what they are in business to do: Pay you the settlement you deserve so that you can regain your full financial independence.
The First Thing You Need To Do Is Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have recovered from your accident, the very first thing you need to do is consult a car accident lawyer in Toronto. HSH Lawyers are an excellent example of a local law practice who can help you win your case. The first thing your lawyer will do is sit down with you for an initial consultation. You can discuss the facts of your case with your lawyer and then come to a decision as to whether or not you have a case that can be won in court. From there, if the case is strong enough, your lawyer will help you devise a strategy that can ultimately get you the settlement you desire and deserve.

The Next Thing You Need To Do Is Collect All Of The Evidence In Your Favor

The next thing you need to do is to collect all of the evidence in your favor and hand it over to your attorney to present in court on your behalf. This includes statements from eyewitnesses to the accident, statements from police officers and emergency medical personnel, and all of the documents and bills that were prepared by your attending physician and the hospital where you were treated. Other documents, such as those prepared by your insurance company, should also be collected and shown to the court. The more evidence you can give to the court, the stronger your case will be.

The Next Step Is To Confront The Person Who Caused Your Accident

The next step is to go to court and confront the person who caused your accident. This will be the hardest step, but it’s a necessary move to make if you are going to win your case. After all, this is the person who caused your injuries and whose lack of payment is causing you to go nearly bankrupt. However, the important thing to realize is that you aren’t really fighting the person who caused your accident so much as the insurance company that represents them.

Just as your own insurance company may be balking at paying you the full settlement you deserve, the insurance company that represents your opponent is certainly going to do their best to avoid paying you what you are owed. If you are trapped in a situation where you seem to be fighting two insurance companies at once, the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer are definitely going to be your best bet for a victory. The sooner you contact a lawyer in Toronto, the sooner you can get your full settlement and get back to living a full and worry free life.

Insurance in Red Deer

How do you find the best price for your new car insurance policy in Red Deer? As a homeowner, who do you turn to when you are selecting a new home insurance policy in Red Deer and how do you know what is sufficient coverage? In many cases, homeowners, as well as drivers, are lost when the time comes to buy insurance. And, with many insurance agents simply trying to sell you the priciest policy, even if you do not need the full coverage, you may not know which ones are going to be honest with you when the time comes for you to get a quote.
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Rather than go through the tedious quote generating process on your own, simply to be lied to or misled, why not hire a local broker to work with you when shopping for your home insurance in Red Deer and car insurance policies in Red Deer? In addition to knowing how to deal with agents, brokers know how to go about finding you only the level of coverage you truly need, so that you do not have to worry about paying more on policy coverage you are never going to use. So, you know you are getting sufficient coverage, and you know you are going to get it through the top insurers in the industry when working with a broker as well.

Brokers also have built up relationships with local insurance agents and companies. What this means is that they are better prepared than you are to go through negotiations. They know what to ask, how to ask it, and how to find the right level of cover, without you having to over pay for policy cover options you are never going to use. So, your broker is going to work harder and will know how to go about finding the best quoted price possible, when the time comes for them to compare the top insurers in the area for you.

Brokers know how to find the deals and options which are going to allow you to save more on coverage rates as well. If you buy home, auto, life, and other policies, they will find bundle discounts. For good drivers, students, and individuals who do not have a driving record, your broker will inquire about other savings for good drivers. If there is a saving option, or a way to reduce your policy quote rate, your broker is going to work to ensure they find it, and ensure they find the lowest price point possible when time comes to buy your policy options for coverage needs.

Brokers know the industry inside out, and know how to deal with insurers, whereas most individuals who shop for insurance do not know where to begin. So, even if you will pay a fee to your broker, the low fee is much less than the total amount they are going to find you in savings, so is a fee which is well spent for those who wish to find the best coverage for a low rate.

An Important Guideline for Claim Industrial Accident Compensation in Easy Way

When you have got injured during an industrial accident subsequently possibilities are that you are excited about information to help you claim industrial accident compensation. Here, we will explain five steps that will be helpful for you to get most of compensation for industrial accident compensation claims.

1 – The initial thing plaintiffs should do following a workplace accident takes place is to get all physical injuries checked at once. They should keep in mind to consider both small injuries and main injuries diagnosed in view of the fact that small injuries can get worse when they are not treated. They should pay close attention that when they are going to claim industrial compensation after that it is of great importance for them to follow the set of rules established by their company. It implies that they may be needed to go the doctor in the first time in company and according to the level of the injuries the doctor in position may refer the worker to another medical center. When he has been victim of an illness because of working in a dangerous location for a long term in that case he should get a complete health checkup.

2 – The subsequent thing they should consider is to preset the details of industrial accident to their manager in written form. It is very significant when he wants to claim accident compensation given that they have right to demand personal injury compensation just once an official record has been established in the company’s accident register. They should bear in mind that workplace accidents should be described as early as possible seeing as a minor delay in giving the report of accident can produce many problems in a while.

3 – Now, it is to find confirmations that back up with the fact that the industrial accidents took place because of no mistake of the plaintiff. To do in this way, the plaintiff will have to find an eyewitness who was there during the accident or who is familiar that the plaintiff was looking not well because of hazardous work situations. In view of the fact that the eyewitness will have to bear witness in court that he should take into account that his description should be similar as the eyewitness’s description. Under not any condition should the plaintiff ask a fellow worker to say that he observed the disaster when he, in fact gets injury even. Doing in this way, it will cause claim associated issues later on together with more issues.

4 – The very last thing to do is to engage a ‘no win no fee’ personal injury solicitors for the claimant to support in industrial injury compensation claim. Such industrial accident lawyers do not take any legal fees for their legal expertise when plaintiff win or lose the case. Personal injury lawyers provide guidance to the claimants, keep them prevent from producing any small or big mistake, express claimant indirectly in court and take care of any third party for instance insurance firms.

Effects of Impaired Driving In Toronto

The Ontario impaired driving by the medication capture can truly have an enduring and additionally a genuine impact on your life. Like as the conviction for the smashed driving, the conviction for the medication impaired driving would prompt the permit being suspended naturally for around one year. This absence of transportation can have an impact on the capacity to hold any occupation while the conviction on the driving record can truly make it intense to get another one. In this way, on the off chance that you are an authorized proficient, the conviction of impaired driving can imperil the expert permit. Alongside the sentence, you can likewise experience fine and a potential correctional facility time.

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