5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Liability Suits

A responsible business owner should always be aware of the liability laws in their state of operation.  Even more, it should be the top priority to make sure that no harm comes to any patron on the property at any time.

Protecting the public from unnecessary accidents and harm requires going to great lengths to assure safety and visibility at every twist and turn of the property.  It is crucial to understand the different types of liability under the law.  Here are a few of the most effective ways to protect a business from a possibly lengthy and expensive liability suit.

Premises Liability

If a customer or a company employee is injured on the property, it could be very bad for business.  Legally, property owners are responsible for the financial repatriation of any injury that is deemed the fault of the establishment.

In this type of lawsuit, the status of the individual is a vital variable.  For example, there is the status of invitee, licensee, or trespasser.  There would be much less liability to the protection of an individual that is determined to be on the status of trespasser than a person under the status of an invitee.

Product Liability

This term refers to an injury caused by a particular defect in a product a company provides to the public.  Selling a product that is dangerous by default is a breach of product liability.

In this case, it does not necessarily have to injure the consumer.  If the product is unable to be used for its intended purpose, then the business owner could be faced with a liability suit.

Vicarious Liability

Even if the product or company does not do harm to a customer, the company could still be liable if an employee causes a client harm.  The term vicarious liability refers to the transferred responsibility.  The employer is responsible for the negligent act of their employee.  Strict screening and adequate employee supervision is one proactive solution to this liability nightmare.

Negligence Liability

Negligence liability suits typically involve instances where a patron was injured because the business failed to provide the necessary safety precautions.  For example, a customer slips and falls while there is no “wet floor” sign present, or a broken front step causes a patron to twist their ankle.  These are issues that could have been avoided if the business fulfilled its legal responsibility to public safety.

Worker’s Compensation

Customers and the general public are not the only groups of people that a company is liable to provide a safe environment.  Employees are allotted the same right through the eyes of the law.  If an employee is injured on the clock, then the company could be liable for their medical attention.

5 Tips For Handling the Legal Side of Business Creation

The idea of creating a business always seems like a bright, shiny plan that will change your future for the better! Be your own boss, get rich, work hard toward a goal that you can achieve – these are the promises that we keep in our minds! But reality paints a bit of a different picture, and the legal aspect of business creation is at the forefront of making sure that details are paid attention to.

Five tips to help you center your business goals with respect to the law include getting a good law firm on your side, understanding business licensing, creating separate budgets for personal and professional matters, keeping tax laws under consideration, and reading legal news publications regularly.

Get a Good Law Firm On Your Side

Contacting a law firm regarding creating, buying, or selling a business is always a good first step. The last thing that you need is to get you business dream shattered before it even begins, simply because you didn’t know about the right paperwork to fill out, or the right fees to pay, or the right government entity to send what information to.

Understand Business Licensing

When you first create a business, there are a number of decisions that you have to make when it comes to licensing. How, exactly, do you plan on incorporating your business? If you’re not familiar with the options that you have at the beginning, and choose something that ultimately complicates legal matters later, then you’ll end up with a business-flavored buyer’s remorse situation and legal entanglements that can take years to handle.

Create Separate Budgets

It’s important that you keep a separate budget for your business outside of your personal accounts. For official reasons, this will help you determine income and expenses, and those are the things that you have to be very detailed about when it comes to doing your taxes and filing tax returns. And the legal implications of taxes are another concern in themselves.

Keep Tax Laws Under Consideration

If you plan on handling the legal aspects of your business most efficiently, the core of many of your business processes are going to be organized for tax reasons. The difference between the success and failure of many companies rests with their ability to handle bookkeeping in a legally sound manner. Failure to do so can result in bankruptcy and even criminal charges!

Read Legal News Publications

If you want to read what the rest of the world is doing in order to match up legal necessity with business acumen, make it a point to regularly read business and legal news sections of local, national, and international magazines and newspapers. Simply by being aware of what big corporations all the way through small businesses are doing to stay above water will help you determine your own course of action.

What Should You Do If You Get Hit By a Car

Getting hit by a car or other vehicle is most unfortunate. You may have been in a vehicle of your own, on a bicycle, or on foot. Whatever the case, it stands a good chance that you were injured in the collision, perhaps very badly. We’d like to think that in this situation, the law will be on our side automatically. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which your case can fall through the cracks if you do not do your due diligence. The law itself is on your side, providing you were not in the wrong. In either case, you should do your best to make sure the following steps are taken, to ensure that you get the representation and restitution that you deserve.

  • Call Your Solicitor. Road traffic accident claims are sure to go nowhere if you don’t have a solicitor on your side. If you don’t already have a lawyer when the collision occurs, it is imperative that you find one. In this case, it makes sense to go with a solicitor who specializes in traffic claims. These solicitors will have experience in cases such as yours, as well as financing structures that work well for people in your situation. If you are badly injured, make sure to pass this duty along to someone you trust, and make sure that you are contacted when a suitable candidate is determined. Don’t be afraid to veto the choice if it is made on your behalf. This is your representation we’re talking about, after all.
  • Document the Accident Yourself. Before the days of mobile phones, documenting the site of a traffic accident meant getting the license number and insurance information of the other driver. Today, the process requires no pencil and paper, providing you have the right technology. Make sure to take a picture of both cars involved in the collision, especially the registration tag of the other vehicle or vehicles. Take pictures of damage to all involved vehicles, especially the damage to your own. Finally, make careful note of any damage to your own body or sundry property. It may be up to this evidence later to determine your restitution.
  • Communicate With Witnesses. If there are witnesses at the scene, do your best to get their contact information. You should also contact nearby friends or relatives – anyone who might be an emergency contact who has time to meet you at the scene before (presumably) you are taken away to the hospital. Witnesses sometimes play prominently in traffic accident claims, and you don’t want to miss out on their testimony if the situation calls for it.

There are many ways that the time period following a traffic accident can resolve. If you want to ensure the best possible resolution to your accident, it is important that you make every effort to set yourself up for success, especially in the minutes and hours following the unfortunate event. If you do these things, you should have an easier time getting the resolution you need.



Is a Tax Attorney in Your Near Future?

If you are dealing with a tax headache or two, are you simply throwing your hands up in the air in defeat?

For the millions of Americans dealing with tax issues, the problems can range from minor to quite major. If you are one of those individuals (no matter how bad the problem may be), letting it go is simply not an option.

As anyone ever audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can tell you, it is far from a pleasant experience. In fact, it can be downright intimidating, leaving many not knowing where to turn for help.

When confronted by tax issues, a New York tax attorney can make the difference, a difference that could mean lots of money (one way or the other) for you. For those residing outside the New York area, a Google search and/or word-of-mouth information can land you a qualified tax attorney.

So, is a tax attorney in your near future?

When the Time Comes for Help

If you’re currently battling a tax issue, why would you wait to get help?

With a sound tax attorney fighting for you, you stand a much better chance of righting your financial ship. In the event you don’t reach out for help, your financial well-being (and that of your family in many cases) can go downhill quickly.

Among some of the ways a qualified tax attorney can assist:

  1. Laws – First and foremost, he or she can bring you up to speed on the tax laws and how you may or may not have broken them. Trying to figure them out on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating to say the least. Let their expertise guide you so that you know what step or steps you need to take next;
  2. Confidence – When the IRS is on your trail, it can become easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. By having an experienced tax attorney fighting for you, that feeling of being alone can quickly subside. Use their expertise to put you at ease, a feeling that will undoubtedly make it easier to deal with whatever financial tax issue you are faced with;
  3. Deals – Finally, a seasoned tax attorney can help you arrive at a deal with the IRS on your tax matter or matters. While the ideal scenario is you end up owing little or nothing after an investigation is concluded, reality also must be an option. If you do owe a sizable penalty, your tax attorney can work with officials and you to come to an agreement on a final total.

Learn from This Experience

While no one wants to suffer a sizable financial problem, it happens each and every day across America.

That said learning from such unfortunate occurrences is one of the best things an individual can do. Taking something out of an otherwise disappointing experience can be the one bright spot. If you are in such a financial mess, educating yourself on what is taking place can prevent it from happening again.

Your tax attorney of choice can play a major role in that education, so keep your eyes and ears open when discussing the matter with them. Their experience over the years puts them in a tremendous position to educate individuals, an education that can save money over time.

Whether you are in the situation you are in due to job issues, a divorce gone bad, investment losses etc. learn from such an experience. In doing so, you will greatly lessen the chances you will ever be in this same boat again.

Being Better Prepared Down the Road

Finally, along with education comes a desire to do better as one moves forward.

If how you’ve handled your finances at times concerns you, let a tax issue give you incentive to improve your financial dealings.

The one thing you don’t want is to have tax issues become the norm in your life, especially expensive ones.

With better preparation and sound decisions, you can put tax issues in the rearview mirror.


How Alcohol Affects Your Ability to Drive

Alcohol is the most popular drug in the country. Many respectable members of society enjoy it regularly, but abusing alcohol can have some very serious consequences. It causes long term damage to your health, ruin relationships, and lead to serious accidents. It is so dangerous that every state in the country has made it illegal to drive while intoxicated, and for good reason.

What Alcohol Does to Your Brain

Alcohol temporarily changes your brain chemistry. The neurotransmitters responsible for carrying the information you use to make decision are slowed down. This impacts you physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. Your ability to control your muscles and your thought processes is reduced. This is why being drunk cause you to stumble around clumsily. It is also why you are unable to focus, evaluate new information, control your emotions.

To add to this, alcohol also increases the amount of dopamine in your brain. This chemical is responsible for feelings of euphoria. While you are drunk, your brain is tricked into believing that it is enjoying the sensations. This is why so many people drink alcohol in the first place, but the momentary high also tends to encourage a false sense of confidence in your impaired abilities.

Driving While Drunk

Operating a vehicle while you are experiencing all of those effects is dangerous and stupid. With your slower reaction times, you are unable to respond to sudden changes in road conditions. The muscles in your eyes are relaxed making it difficult to focus your vision. You do not evaluate new information you receive as you drive. Signs, markings on the road, and other vehicles are more confusing to you. You lose the ability to multitask making lane changes hazardous. Alcohol induces drowsiness making it more likely that you will fall asleep behind the wheel. You also have less of an ability to distinguish your position, and you are more inclined to make reckless choices.

Your Blood Alcohol Content

In California, a blood alcohol content higher than .08 percent is considered legally intoxicated. You are at an increased risk of causing a serious accident and are prohibited from driving. If you are caught driving drunk, you will face stiff penalties including fines, loss of your driving privileges, and jail time. In extreme circumstances, such as when you have caused a fatal accident, you may even be charged with manslaughter.

Your blood alcohol content continues to rise even after you have stopped drinking, and the effects may not wear off for several hours. On average, your liver can process about one drink per hour. Drinking coffee, taking a cold shower, or getting fresh air does not reduce your level of intoxication. These things only mask the symptoms.

It is best to avoid driving after having any alcohol. Plan your evenings out, and designate a driver. If you do end up having a few drinks, limit your alcohol consumption and stop after one or two drinks. Keep an eye on the clock and stop drinking long before you ever need to drive. Your personal safety, the safety of others, and your future depend on it.


How to Know if a Slip, Trip, Fall or Other Accident Is Compensable

Accidents occur on a daily basis. Whether at work, exercising, out with mates, or even at home, these daily slips, trips, and falls are often minor and forgettable occurrences. However, in some instances accidents cause injury and harm that lasts after the bump is gone and bruise fades. In the United Kingdom alone, over three million people are injured in accidents, including vehicle and workplace accidents, every year.

When a slip, trip, or fall results in injury or harm that requires medical attention, accumulation of medical bills, loss of wages, and time away from friends and family, it can become an overwhelming and disheartening situation. However, the United Kingdom’s legal system does provide an avenue for individuals to seek compensation and financial recovery for personal injuries. The difficult part for many people is determining if they are entitled to compensation for their situation.

Speak with Legal Counsel

If you were involved in a slip, trip, or fall that resulted in harm, injury, or loss of wages, it is a great idea to contact a UK claims lawyer. Speaking with a solicitor is the surest way to determine if a claim for compensation is justifiable in your situation, and a lawyer will make the complicated process of personal injury law much easier to navigate. The lawyers at ukclaimlawyers.co.uk are experienced, knowledgeable, and able to schedule a first consultation in a timely manner to provide the legal representation you deserve.

Consider Who Was at Fault

If you do not feel comfortable enough to contact a lawyer at this time, you still want to think about the facts of your situation and how your case compares to compensable personal injury claims. Often these injuries were the fault of another person, a government council, or a company. However, you will need to prove this to have a successful compensation claim.

There are a number of instances when a slip, trip, or fall clearly resulted from another person’s negligence or actions. If your accident occurred because of a tree root, cracked footpath, or faults within a crosswalk, the blame falls with the local authority. When slips, trips, and falls occur on council-owned property due to poor maintenance, there is a good chance of recovery. However, accidents resulting from stray property on a footpath or crosswalk are not the responsibility of the local council.

Slips, Trips, and Falls on Private Property

The same logic used to determine that local counsel has responsibility for certain accidents applies to a slip, trip, or fall that happens in a store, restaurant, workplace, or other piece of personal property. Each of these establishments must comply with specific health and safety standards for the benefit of customers, visitors, and employees. When a fall results from an electrical cord across a hallway at work or puddle of water in a shopping centre, it is likely the responsibility of the property owner. However, in these cases it can be more difficult to compile sufficient evidence, and the earlier you are in touch with a solicitor, the better.

Drinking and driving is a serous offence!

Auto collisions are the main reason for death for youngsters between the ages of 15 and 20. Sadly, the reason for death is as a consequence of drinking and driving. Youngsters are at an age where attempting to inspire their associates is more essential than whatever else. They are excessively caught up with having a go at, making it impossible to fit in and seem as though they are develop, that issues of their security take a rearward sitting arrangement. It is vital to guarantee that the youngsters are instructed about the threats of devouring liquor and getting in the driver’s seat. Most youngsters who wind up in the mischance normally think they are sufficiently calm to drive. A driver never feels that they are excessively tipsy, making it impossible to drive, however it is a no doubt understood reality that liquor influences a man’s feeling of judgment. Arbitrary breath tests ought to be completed on the youngsters who have developed exceptionally adroit at covering the scent of liquor.

There are diverse methodologies that can be utilized to lessen the act of inebriated driving however the most imperative one is instruction. The youngsters need steady messages that advise them of the dangers they take each time they attempt to drive after they have been drinking. Stiffer fines and different disciplines ought to be forced on the individuals who drink and drive. This can turn out to be a hindrance to the young people. Any teen that is discovered driving while plastered ought to have their permit disavowed instantly. The dui charges surrey ought to rise the lawful drinking age to 21 is a decent move however it is not adequate. Adolescents are as yet drinking and this is on the grounds that they know they can escape with it. Measures ought to likewise be taken to force fines on property holders where gatherings serving liquor to minors are considered mindful legitimately

It is critical for folks to take the activities to screen their kids’ conduct.

  1. It is insufficient for folks to relinquish their obligations and expect the movement security powers, instructors or different gatherings to tackle the full part of teaching the youngsters. The folks themselves ought to assume a noteworthy part. It is vital to discover the drinks your kid is expending. More tightly measures ought to be put set up to guarantee that the underage don’t have entry to alcohol mixed drinks.
  2. It is additionally critical to have vital commercials that are focused at youngsters, letting them know about the perils of letting their companions drive while they are tipsy. Showing the teens to assume liability for one another can be exceptionally useful
  3. Most folks feel like in the event that they put a lot of control on their youngsters’ exercises; they will be meddling with their lives. Giving a tyke an excess of flexibility on the grounds that you think they will love you more is lack of awareness.


The Essential Roles and Duties of a Public Adjuster

It is always a good idea to know just what a claims adjuster does even if you are not making an insurance claim at the moment. By doing so, you’ll be better prepared to recover any personal or business loss should it happen in the future.

What are Claims Adjusters and What Do They Do?

Insurance companies employ claims adjusters; however there are also independent public adjusters for example in Miami that you can contract if you need to make a claim on your insurance. These professionals wear many hats but their main duty is to investigate and resolve claims. Their job involves interpreting the policy, investigating and then deciding if the insurance policy covers the loss and how much should be paid by the insurance company.

images (1)

How Does the Claims Process Work?

The first step is to send a notice of loss. When your property gets stolen or damaged, you will need to call your insurance provider so you can have this loss documented. The notice will give the adjuster information so the investigation for the claim can start.

The basic information that will be needed when making a claim includes:

  • The time, location and date it happened
  • The type of loss (i.e. bodily injury, property, etc.)
  • Type of insurance
  • The claimant’s contact information. You’ll also need to provide the contact details of the insured and their agents and/or attorney.
  • Witness information

The adjuster will then begin their investigation covering many steps and stages. They will interview the witnesses, claimants and the insured. The site will also be visited and documented by taking pictures and/or videos.

Physical evidence will be collected and stored (if applicable) and they will also coordinate with the police to access any evidence or records of the event. Medical records and other information will also be obtained. An expert may even be consulted if necessary.

If you’re the one making a claim, it’s essential to cooperate with the public adjuster. You can ask for copies of the investigation records if your lawyer requires it. Not cooperating will only slow down the process and it may even raise suspicion about the validity of your claim.

Once the claim is already approved and authorized, the payment will be given to you promptly. The amount may reflect on liens or deductibles against your property that need to be paid. If you don’t think the amount is fair, then hiring your own independent adjuster may be necessary.

In any case, if you have an attorney then your lawyer’s name will be noted on the check and you’ll need to sign the release, which will acknowledge that the payment has been received. It may also cover the dismissal of any lawsuits (if applicable). Before signing, it’s imperative that you understand and accept everything that is written in the document because once you sign it, it means you fully accept the conditions stipulated therein.



Let’s first start by explaining what SSI is. Some of you might be new to this.

SSI: Supplemental Security Income Benefits. These benefits pay out to those disabled children and adults who need the extra income. If you are 65 or older you can get it without having disabilities. You just have to meet the financial requirements for the program.

images (5)

These benefits can include(but are not limited to) some of the following:

1) Back pay
2) Food Stamps
3) A monthly cash benefit
4) Medical Benefits

Myler Disability is one of these companies who advocate for these benefits. If you live in Florida you might want to get in touch with them. See if you qualify for their program and what they offer.


1) Well, the first benefit is rather obvious. If you are due money from work, money that you can no longer collect due to not being able to work, you might be entitled to it. It all depends on how much the back pay is for. This back pay can help you out with some of those bills you are having issues with. This is beneficial expressly for those who are no longer able to earn a paycheck the way they once did.

2) Medical benefits tend to come at a cost these days, a very big one. The medical benefits you receive can help you get the medical help you need, not to mention the medications, without breaking the bank.

3) What about food? The cost of living is constantly going up. Sometimes these price increases do not include buying food. This is where food stamps come into play. There’s no shame in it. You can provide for your family without worrying about where the money is going to come from to cover it.

4) This is perfect way for those who qualify to receive monthly cash benefits. Some people just can’t afford all they need with the work they do. Some of you might be able to work, it’s just not enough. IF you qualify for this program you can receive an extra $700-1,000 a month. This can go along way to helping out those who really need it. It all depends on what the needs are.


The bottom line is, these benefits really go along way to help out those who need it. In this day and age where some jobs are scarce and some people just can’t work, SSI can really help. If you are a child or adult with a disability, find out now if you qualify. If you are an adult of 65 or older, you might automatically qualify. Don’t let this wait.

Divorce: Financial Fraud That Can and Does Happen

Have you noticed something fishy going on in the family finances, particularly through the process of divorcing your spouse? You could be the victim of fraud. From hidden assets to misrepresentation, any suspect circumstances should be looked into further. Being educated on possible signs of fraud is key. Here are some warning signs that your no-so-better-half committed financial fraud.

Be wary of sob stories: Hidden or missing assets and misrepresentation of family income are two common areas of financial management that can leave much more cash going to one spouse than another if not discovered early on. It’s often the case that a divorcing spouse attempts to gain the trust of unsuspecting relatives and friends to help them conceal funds; they often convince them that the other spouse is maxing out the credit cards or stealing money from them. According to Huffington Post, concealment is the cornerstone of fraud.

Lifestyle and income changes: This is another big sign your spouse could be helping herself to the family nest egg. When one spouse starts living more than comfortably, purchasing cars and new wardrobes, going on vacations, and generally spending outside their normal means, this could be a major red flag of fraud. This is also the more difficult aspect of fraud to prove, but lots of small indications can really add up to the big picture.

Look for these specific warning signs:

  • Change in confidentiality level between you and your spouse
  • Changes in their behavior you can’t explain
  • Pattern changes which could indicate worsening addiction, for example
  • Rerouted mail to a new location
  • Change in habits
  • Excessive time on computer; secrecy when doing so
  • Increased lying and deception
  • Increase in cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs
  • Concealing bank transactions

The key here is to clue into this odd behavior sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more money that will go missing and the harder it will be to catch him and document the offending behavior. In fact, it may get increasingly harder to access certain records or trace funds with the more time that passes.

Learn About Dissipation. This is a type of financial fraud that particularly occurs during a divorce dispute. This happens when one spouse excessively and irresponsibly spends money without the other spouse’s knowledge or consent. While the legal definitions vary, all instances involve depletion of  marital assets. Here are some examples to watch out for:

  • Money spent on gifts and trips for extramarital relationships
  • Losses due to gambling
  • Cash loans to others
  • Selling off of expensive assets for much less than the initial value
  • Excessive spending (this can also include business cash accounts)
  • House going into foreclosure
  • Destruction of personal items
  • Failure to maintain marital property

With all this said, it can be difficult to spot fraud, let alone diagnose it and bring the case to the attention of the authorities. In addition, divorce is a highly volatile domestic situation that involves intense feelings and emotions that can get in the way of properly dealing with fraud. This is why you should keep the number of a securities fraud law firm handy in the event you need someone who specializes in recovering losses for investors. That someone is Paul at Thomas Law Group.