The Need for Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Being run over by a car; suffering from a terrible pedestrian accident or a wrongful death and more. Such tragic demise and physical or physiological injuries call for personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers practice tort law, law that involves civil wrongs, economic or non-economic destruction of an individual’s property, rights or reputation.

Following are the types of injuries that personal injury lawyers are skilled in:

  1. Vehicle accidents.
  2. Pedestrian accidents.
  3. Bicycle accidents.
  4. Motorcycle accidents.
  5. Wrongful death.
  6. Premise accidents.
  7. Construction accidents.
  8. Defective products.
  9. Catastrophic injuries.
  10. Slip and fall accidents.
  11. Business litigation.
  12. Professional litigation.
  13. Sexual abuse.

Automobile accidents are the most predominant of the lot. Los Angeles is known for not following traffic rules which often results in car accidents or pedestrian accidents to name a few of the hundreds of other non-traffic accidents as mentioned. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA is thus a requirement.

A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA puts up great many positive promises for their clientele like:

  1. To give away the first or initial consultation for free.
  2. To take money only if the injured has received justice on them being able to win a case and win a lump sum amount of money.
  3. To provide with a counsel that works with the best of interests of the client.
  4. To settle the right amount of settlement offer.
  5. To provide for a skilled, knowledgeable attorney to a client.

A personal injury lawyer, also known as a plaintiff lawyer, carries great many responsibilities while serving a client. Such responsibilities are set by a state’s lawyers’ associations which include both professional and ethic rules and codes of conduct. Such lawyers interview their clients on both appointment basis and the injury lawyer personally reaching out to a person suffering from an injury. They identify the root cause behind the main problem in their client’s case and perform extensive research on the matter, like any other segment of lawyers, to ensure a strong case because the ultimatum is to win the case and to achieve a nice settlement, even though no amount of money can ever heal the wound suffered.

There are plenty on your search for a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. A personal injury lawyer could be engaged in any area of the law along with being an injury lawyer. Thus, you could approach any lawyer and find out if they function in the field of injuries as well except for those who specialize as just an injury lawyer. Or just type in your requirements online for an injury’s lawyer and choose from the best in Los Angeles to fit your objective. They have all inclusive sites that give you a vast knowledge of the type of injury you are suffering and how you can overcome such sufferings with their help.





Does The Right Company Name Really Matter

dont call me maybeIn the Internet age, a poorly chosen business name is the butt of many jokes. When companies are formed, lots of thought goes into selecting the right name for the business but there are companies out there who have got it very wrong.  Who hasn’t heard of The Golden Shower or Sherrill’s ‘Eat Here and Get Gas’.

Sometimes, these off-beat names are chosen on purpose. In other cases, the owners may simply have not thought their choice through very well. A company name choice can be very risky and branding agencies are able to charge thousands of pounds to help their clients select the right name from the start.

Here are four simple rules to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that can turn out to be costly.

1. Do The Legwork To Ensure You Have The Legal Right To Use Your Selected Company Name

More than 400,000 new companies are added to the existing list of approximately three million companies already registered at the UK’s Companies House. The sheer volume should be enough to make you want to do your research before you name. With so many names already chosen, it is a good bet that someone has already started a company with the same business name you want to use. Even if the regulator accepts your name, you risk a legal challenge if a larger, more established business with the same name thinks that you are using them to boost your business.

Companies House has a list of sensitive words that you must have express permission to use. The recent case of the Café Olympic in Stratford provides an example. They found themselves in a legal battle with the Olympic Committee and finally agreed to a name change that both could live with, Café Lympic. On the upside, they received a great deal of free publicity during the controversy.

2. Leave Room To Grow

If your long-term plans include expansion, don’t limit yourself with a geographic name linked to one small region. Bell Atlantic was clearly identified as a US company which eventually prompted it to change its name to Verizon when a series of acquisitions were completed. Once they had reached the larger size, they had the resources to successfully market their new name to establish themselves as a leader in the field.

Jeff Bezos thought on a grand scale when he chose the name for his little online book store. His idea was to create a name with a range of products as wide as the Amazon River. He included the link from A to Z with a small arrow for the logo of his company, Amazon.

3. Avoid Offending Cultures And Communities With An Unintentionally Offensive Name

A local grocery chain in Finland will never be able to expand into the US if it chooses to keep its current name: KKK. In Ghana, a popular drink manufacturer calls itself Pee Cola Ltd and won’t find much favor for its tasty beverages if it tries to expand. The takeaway from these name examples is to pull out some foreign language dictionaries and check for offensive meanings if you plan to expand outside of the UK.

4. Keep Your Naming Group Small

You will never be able to please everyone 100% of the time when selecting a name for your company. Names are very subjective and the odds are good that you won’t get unanimous approval. If you’ve followed the steps above, trust your instinct and go with the one that you prefer. If your brand is successful, you name will simply mean quality once it is out there for a while.

Hire Carol Powell Lexing to Defend your Criminal Case in Monroe

Have you been convicted or arrested? Have you been prosecuted or charged in a criminal case and desire for the best defense? Do you know that there is nothing to get disheartened as if you have not committed a crime, you don’t deserve a punishment for sure and for this, it is necessary for you to contact the best lawyer to defense your case! If your case is within the jurisdiction of the Monroe County in the United States of America, you can hire Carol Powell Lexing who is known for her aggression and vast experience of working within court system of Monroe County. She is known for her gracious nature and willingness to help anybody facing criminal charges and such people are encouraged to contact her as early as possible so that she can understand your case burning the midnight oil and can protect your rights in the best possible way.

A never-say-die attitude at work

Licensed since 1991, Carol Powell Lexing is passionate about her work and is highly knowledgeable to handle even complex cases. Since, she had over a decade of experience as a lawyer, she very well know how to turn the tables of a criminal case with strong evidences and arguments so that at the end, her client can get full justice and mental peace. Even if it seems the case has already gone haywire, contacting and hiring Ms Lexing can be the most optimistic step done by you as she does not succumb to pressures created in the court by the opposite party but works immaculately as well as with great focus to ensure his client is steer clear of all allegations or punishments.

If no one is daring to touch your case and defend you even then you can find Carol Powell ready to offer you support as she believes that even innocent individuals sometimes are charged or can be tricked as a wrongdoer and the best attorney is only one who seeks truth and if not guilty could firmly place her side in a court. Always a bright student with good academic records, Ms Lexing has found many admirers in the industry because of sheer hard work and determination to not lose any case.

Apart from all these, what matters is that Carol Powell Lexing is a good human being which is very important characteristic of a genuine attorney. This is because unless an attorney appears genuine or is genuine in reality then his or her client will always hesitate to frankly tell all the things in detail that could eventually lead her to some evidences. So, if you are in a distress and a case is against you or one of your dearest kith or kin, rush to contact the responsible and very popular attorney.

Avail Expert Assistance from an Attorney Who Knows How to Deal With Things

Whoever is in the queue reviewing the Eichholz Law Firm or its chief David Eichholz, you can see comments like ‘best lawyers’, ‘superb team work’, ‘great services’ and so on. Backed by 37 years of experience in the field of personal injury law matters David and his team is the most ideal attorney professionals in Savannah, GA.

On completion of his law degree from the Florida Coastal School of Law in 2006, David turned back to his hometown and kicked-off his career in law practices with a specific aim to stand beside the victims of society. Founded in 1996, The Eichholz Law Firm led by David Eichholz is acknowledged by major bar councils and law courts as one of the best firms offering the service of personal injury lawyer in the US. The company employs knowledgeable staff who are trained and sponsored with advanced courses that keep them up to date on legal practicing areas. The firm’s major areas of concentration are personal injury law matters such as

  • Auto, Car or Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Dangerous Drugs
  • Dog/ Animal Bites
  • Asbestos Exposure as well harm
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Slips & Falls
  • Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Industrial Accident

This highly apprised law firm aims to represent individuals who suffer as well as families that experience pain, uncertainties and loss of their loved one due to accident, injury or health loss caused by negligence and carelessness of somebody else.

David Eichholz is a very self-motivated, well-acknowledged and positive GA attorney who is also the CEO of the Savannah based the Eichholz Law Firm. Unlike typical personal injury law firms, David’s group is not only well equipped but people here are 100% dedicated and determined to fight against offenders helping you get the right justice. Being the specialists in the field, they investigate and evaluate every stage of your accidental injury and proceed towards a lawsuit. In case, the matter involves an insurance company, the expertise and confidence of David Eichholz as well as his team will simply make you wonder as they take up the issue with insurance companies, negotiate on your claims and help you get the maximum reimbursement else go for house of law to justify your claim.

You can opt for an online chat , schedule a telephonic call or just visit the company website to communicate with the experts. Free case evaluation form is also available; on filling up the same, you can have your case assessed and evaluated initially. Keep in mind, personal injuries like medical malpractices which are very common happenings even in major health-care facilities today; establishing them guilty is not an easy task. And that is where you require top expert people who understand things better and have that guts to fight. As it comes to matter of gathering evidences to catch the wrongdoer, just leave the matter on David Eichholz and be assured of your case being driven in the right direction.



Ecommerce fraud is lower in Europe?

Have you ever purchased something online only to receive something completely different? There are strange stories of customers having received bricks instead of their purchased product. People have also received blocks of wood and stacks of paper. But those are the quaintest or weirdest of scenarios. In most cases, people don’t receive anything at all even after paying for it upfront and following it up for a dozen odd times. In several more cases, people receive a product that is slightly or completely different. For instance, customers buying an X brand of herbal tea get Y brand or a counterfeit product. There is no end to this mess. Whether it is intently fraudulent or a genuine mistake can only be determined after delving into the cases individually. What can be ascertained or inferred is that ecommerce fraud is rampant.

But not in Europe!

Ecommerce fraud rate in Europe is lower than the global average. A company named Forter that makes fraud prevention software conducted a study to understand the scale of ecommerce fraud across the world. It has come out with a list of the countries that have succeeded in preventing fraudulent practices or outright scams in the ecommerce industry. Fascinatingly, the countries faring best are mostly from the European Union.

Denmark tops the list and is joined by its fellow Nordic countries Norway and Finland. Switzerland also finds a place amongst the top. On the flip side, Africa ranks the lowest or the worst affected by ecommerce fraud. The only European country to join the top five worst affected countries is Romania. While Denmark is the undisputed winner, New Zealand takes the second spot in preventing fraud and the top five is rounded off by Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

This isn’t very surprising because the courier companies operating in Europe, especially in the Nordic region, are very particular with their standards. It isn’t every that a new courier company emerges and starts operating without much checks and balances. You would have limited options if you need courier service to France or across most countries in Europe. Compare that with Africa or even America and you will get a different picture.

The same is for ecommerce sites or companies opening up online stores. The pace at which companies in many other countries open up ecommerce sites is breathtaking and quite unsustainable as compared to most European countries.



Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a common legal action in today’s society. People overspend on their credit cards, sustain a catastrophic financial loss or have a great deal of medical debts that they can’t pay back. There are three kinds of bankruptcy to consider. The first is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which individuals cannot pay back their debts and have so little money that they can never hope to pay back the monies they owe. The Chapter 7 judge makes sure that the individual is completely unable to pay back their debts and the debts are completely cleared. The debtor does not have to pay back anything due to extreme poverty. The person then suffers from a poor credit rating for a very long time but can gradually build their credit rating over time.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy situation also involves an individual rather than a business. In such cases, there is a restructuring of the individual’s debt. The debtor may make a sufficient sum of money or have a sufficient amount of property so that the judge involved in the case may request that the individual pay back a certain sum of the money, usually in monthly installments. After enough months have gone by, the remainder of the debt is forgiven. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a way for creditors to get some kind of payment, even if it is not the entire amount.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy involves insolvency of corporations or businesses. Companies declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy and work with the judge to decide how much money should be paid back and for how long before the remainder of the debt is forgiven. Most of the time, corporations have some funds and use those funds to pay back the various creditors. It is rare that no money is paid back to the creditors in this legal situation.

Everyone has debt and most people can handle the repayment of that debt over a period of time. This is especially true when the debt is low and the amount of money the person makes is sufficient. In order to avoid being in a great deal of debt, people avoid buying large ticket items and monitor their income and output carefully. Debt can, however, become very serious and there becomes no possible way to pay the debt back. In such cases, the individual (or corporation) must file for bankruptcy with the bankruptcy court. You also need a bankruptcy attorney. When you speak with the attorney, a decision is made as to whether the debt is likely to be completely forgiven or whether you are doing a restructuring plan and will be paying back a portion of the debt using monthly payments sent to the trustee of the bankruptcy. Individual voluntary arrangements can be made with the creditors to more informally pay back the debt, usually on a monthly basis.

The bankruptcy attorney will help the individual decide whether or not bankruptcy is the right thing and which chapter of bankruptcy is the best decision. The bankruptcy attorney helps you in bankruptcy court and speaks on your behalf when it comes to how much money you have, what your assets are and how you got into this debt in the first place.   The judge decides whether or not to use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is appropriate and sets out payments in a Chapter 13 situation. If chapter 7 is more important, the judge makes that decision and forgives the loan in its entirety. The creditors receive nothing in return. Even though you have no money, you must have enough money on hand to pay for the bankruptcy attorney. This money must be paid in advance of the work the attorney does for you. For More Information Visit: Employment Law Solicitor

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

These related conditions are disorders of the blood flow system. A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) usually happens in the lower legs and involves the formation of a blood clot within the deep veins. In rare cases, a deep vein thrombosis can involve a blood clot in the arm. A pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blood clot or blood clots in the lungs or at the entrance to the lungs. These conditions are related because DVTs can lead to PEs.

DVTs lead to pulmonary emboli because the clots in the legs can break off and can travel to the entrance to the lungs or within the lung tissue itself. The bigger the DVT, the greater is the risk that it can become a PE. DVTs can be located just in the calf or grow to become of the venous system of the pelvis or abdomen. About three percent of patients with a DVT will suffer a fatal case of pulmonary embolism.   About fifteen percent of DVTs overall become pulmonary emboli but not everyone dies.

Patients are at increased suspicion for a DVT if they have recently taken a long haul airplane flight or a prolonged train, bus or car trip. People get a DVT because they are usually dehydrated and don’t move their legs around to increase blood flow to the legs. Patients at higher risk include those with cancer, those on estrogen replacement therapy or birth control pills, those women who are pregnant, the obese and the elderly person.

Those with a DVT might have no symptoms or can have pain that goes up the back of their leg. They may have redness of the affected leg or duskiness of the leg. The leg might be swollen and have a greater circumference from the other. If the doctor sees these things, he or she may do a Homan’s test. A Homan’s test is when the doctor tips back the ankle by the foot in a measure called dorsiflexion. Increased pain in the calf represents a positive Homan’s sign.

A suspicious doctor may order a d-dimer test—a blood test that measures the products of the clotting process. It is positive if there is some kind of clotting going on in the body but it will not say where the clotting is happening. If the doctor is further suspicious, he or she may order an imaging test. Two known imaging tests for DVT include a Doppler Venous Ultrasound, which measures blood flow—or lack of it—in the deep veins of the leg, or a venous venogram, which is a dye and x-ray study of the deep veins that can outline the clots, if present.

If a deep vein thrombosis is found, the doctor may order TPA or tissue plasminogen activator. This is a drug that actually breaks up clots on its own. It works faster than other treatments but is reserved for severe cases. Other patients may receive pills of Coumadin along with intravenous heparin. Both medications thin the blood enough to allow the body to dissolve the blood clot in the legs. The patient stays on both medications for a few days until the Coumadin is completely active. When this happens, the patient is allowed to go home on Coumadin alone. They remain on the medication for about three months.

As mentioned, the DVT and pulmonary embolism (PE) are related. DVTs can involve clots that break off and go to the lungs. Doctors sometimes stop this process by putting a filter in the abdominal vena cava to prevent clots from travelling past it. If they travel up the vena cava, they can end up at the entrance to the lungs or within the lungs. If a clot is big enough to occlude the opening of both lungs, the individual will likely suffer from cardiovascular collapse and sudden death. In fact, it is estimated that up to fifteen percent of cases of sudden death are not from a heart attack but are instead secondary to a PE.

Smaller clots break off and land in the lungs. Some can occlude a lobe of the lung and some can just occlude the circulation to sections of the lung. This makes the affected person extremely short of breath, have a blue tinge to the lips and nails and can have pain in the chest that is worse when a person breathes in. The doctor might note a low blood oxygen level associated with a “friction rub” or extra sound in the lungs when the patient is breathing. The heart rate and breathing rate are increased.

If the doctor believes there may be a PE, he or she can order a d-dimer test to check for products of clotting in the blood. This may be followed by an imaging study, the most common of which is called a chest CT with contrast. This is a test in which x-ray dye is inserted into a vein and a CT scan of the chest is done to look for clots. Less common is an MRI test of the lungs, which is less common because of the decreased availability of MRI scanners Negligent Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery .

If the patient is believed to have a critical PE, then TPA or tissue plasminogen activator is used to actually break up the clot before the patient suffers from cardiovascular collapse. Less severe cases are treated with oral Coumadin and intravenous heparin, usually taken together. At the point that the Coumadin is thinning the blood enough on its own, the heparin is stopped and, if the patient is stable, he or she is allowed to go home on Coumadin for a minimum of three months.

Some people will be afflicted with more than one PE over a period of time or may have a genetic disorder that causes excessive blood clotting. For example, if a person suffers their DVT in their arm instead of their leg, it is likely they have a hereditary condition causing increased coagulability. These types of people will need to be on Coumadin to thin their blood for the rest of their lives. For More Information Please Visit Here

Next Steps After Injury

It is very painful to experience any kind of injury. This is never just a physical pain. Injuries are often financially disastrous due to medical bills and insurance fees, as well the risk of being incapacitated and unable to work and support yourself or your family. Emotional trauma may also result from injuries, especially those experienced by children.

Next Steps After Injury

Depending on the gravity of the injury, the whole family would have to endure the shifting balance of labor to support the injured person while still maintaining all other normal aspects of life for themselves. It would be up to them to raise the funds that are necessary to handle all treatments, surgeries, x-ray scans, and medications, which becomes especially difficult if the one who is injured is the main income earner for the family.

It goes without saying that this is unfair to your beloved family members, especially if the injury is not your fault. If the cause of the injury comes from factors outside of your control, such as the workplace environment or the safety of the facilities that are used on a daily basis, you may be able to alleviate some of your pain by claiming damages against the ones who are truly at fault.

Collect and Preserve the Evidence

Immediately after an accident occurs, it is important to get a full diagnosis of your injuries from your doctor. This information will serve as a basis for how significant your injuries are, so that documentation will exist to prove your claim. In addition, you need to start collecting and recording information, such as your experiences during the accident, or the contact information of witnesses who may have observed the incident.

At the place where the accident happened, you need to collect photos and preserve any physical evidence that are related to the incident. Any wrecked vehicles or faulty products that resulted in your injuries should be preserved in the same condition that they were in when the injury occurred. Clear photographs should show ideally the same lighting and weather conditions at the site of injury, from multiple angles to show any uneven surfaces or missing handrails that may have led to the accident itself.

Be Timely With Your Claim

Time is a vital factor in filing a case for compensation for your injuries. It is better to file a case sooner rather than later, to ensure that the occurrence is still recent enough to be remembered in detail. It also helps to give notice of your intention to file a case to the business or entity at fault, so they cannot defend against the claim by saying that you took too long to notify them of your injuries. This can allow the other party to engage you in dialogue to settle your claim without needing to go to court.

If a personal injury claim cannot be settled by mutual agreement, then legal action should be pursued as soon as possible. Each state has a “statute of limitation” that defines the maximum amount of time that can elapse between the occurrence of an incident and the filing of a case to claim damages for that incident. If you exceed this time limit, the case will no longer be accepted in court.

Obtain Legal Guidance

You may need to consult with a lawyer for guidance regarding your case. A good lawyer is well-equipped to work on your behalf, leading to a favorable result when you go to court. Be sure to give the lawyer all of the data that pertains to your case, including your health information and the facts you gathered for the case itself.

How Sheeley Law Helps Find Best Solution During Crisis

Ann Sheeley is the professional litigator who was born in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. She completed her education from the State University of New York at Albany and Pace University School of Law located in White Plains, New York. She holds the ownership of Sheelay law, LLC, which is a firm that is devoted to the personal injury and the wrongful death cases. This firm underpins motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and catastrophic injuries. What makes the firm more important is the profound dedication it leaves for every client. The concern offered towards the client be it any type of the case makes the firm able to deliver desirable results always.

Basically, Ann Sheeley gained stupendous recognition in 2003, owing to the crisis that occurred in the nightclub at West Warwick. It was considered as most severe incident in the history of United States where she represented the victim and in the later run earned the applauds. She has worked as the Law Offices of Donald E. Green, Associate Attorney from 2001 to 2003 and Law Offices of Thomas Sparks, Managing Attorney from 2003 to 2010. She has prime experience in the areas like Workers Compensation, Personal Injury Law, and Criminal Defense.


Sheelay law, LLC gives serious attention to the compensation of the employees and the criminal law cases. The definition of her firm is not complete till we add legitimacy to her profile. Her firm has been eternally concerned about the well being of the client rather than the money. As a matter of fact, the firm has gained bulk repute owing to this feature and is in the good books of the all the clients. This firm encompasses the professional who are capacious with prudence. They have high level of intellect and know the pros and cons of every aspect of law, adequately. The professional firm is quite experienced, which helps yielding optimal result with complete objectivity in their case. The defenses are clever and the advocacy is ideal, which makes the law firm victorious at every phase of the time. It does not matter if the case is tough or lacks the evidence, they are thoughtful enough to pull the victim and land him or her on the safe zone. The dedication of this firm cannot be spoken in the words, it has enormous attachment that becomes transparent by the earnest approach to protect their client.

Since, Sheelay law, LLC gets emotionally connected with the client they are utterly committed to the rescue. In order to attain this, the firm works hard and is diligent in most of the approaches, which ultimately gets them triumph. Speaking of Ann Sheelay who has the unique process of conducting the case, is phenomenal while the procedure in the courtroom. She chooses different routes to set the conclusion and the judiciary works in her favor. Her contribution in the field of law cannot be wrapped up in this mere article but in nutshell in term she implies – the professional.

MRSA and Malpractice

Hospitals are meant to be places of healing, relief, and revitalization. The idea that a patient can contract a dangerous and life-threatening infection while they are in the hospital to get better is a frightening prospect. For patients who do contract these kinds of illnesses, it is only natural for them to be outraged, and to seek redress from the legal system.

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) seem to be becoming more prevalent these days, and it’s true that they are also one of the leading causes of patient death in hospitals. A 2002 study by the CDC showed that almost 2 million contract HAI’s every year, and about 100,000 of them die from the infection. One of the more common infections is the superbug known as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

When patients aren’t diagnosed on time, it can quickly degenerate into serious health complications, lung infections, osteomyelitis, even flesh-eating infection — and can ultimately cause severe septic shock resulting in death.

MRSA is particularly dangerous because of the staph’s ability to resist most powerful antibiotics used in the hospital, including methicillin and penicillin.

When is a Hospital Liable for MRSA and Other HAI’s?

Patients, victims, and relatives have grounds for a lawsuit if there’s a clear case of negligence. The following are the typical grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and/or the medical personnel responsible for the conveyance of these infections.

No Information before Invasive Procedures

Hospitals with an outbreak of or a history of these infections are required to inform you of the possibility of infection before carrying out any procedure. MRSA, in particular, is quite widespread and can be found in many hospitals.

So, when the doctors or medical personnel don’t inform you before the procedure and you contract the infection after, you are well within your rights to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

No Consent from Patients with a History of Staph Infections

Some patients with a history of staph infections would be best informed of the possibility of contracting other hospital-acquired infections — again, MRSA in particular — given their history and the possible state of their immune system.

Patients should sign a consent form before they undergo any invasive procedure. Failure to do this can constitute grounds for a lawsuit, as the patient wasn’t given a choice to move forward with the procedure with a clear understanding of the risks.

Poor Sanitary Hygiene

MRSA is often transferred by contact, especially when hospital equipment such as reused oxygen tanks, anesthetic equipment, and surgical equipment are near contact surfaces such as taps, sinks, elevators, railings, and doors. It is for this reason that all hospitals must adhere to the strictest cleaning and sanitary conditions. It is not just enough to spend $150k on UV cleaning equipment — the hospital staff must follow basic standards of hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness. If these policies aren’t in place and followed, HAI’s can happen when they absolutely shouldn’t.

Misdiagnosis or Late Diagnosis

This is often the most common cause of death or permanent injury to patients who contract these kinds of infections. This is why doctors should screen all patients who intend to undergo any invasive procedures for MRSA and other common hospital-acquired infections.

Many of the patients who have died, sustained a permanent injury or live with the effects of these infections did so because their doctors or medical personnel didn’t diagnose the infection in time or failed to diagnose it correctly.

Neglect During Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care is very important. Medical personnel should ensure that patients get the necessary care without any negligence. If infections were to occur because the medical personnel didn’t clean or tend to the wounds when they should have or administered the wrong medications, the personnel can be held liable.

In any of these cases, it’s absolutely appropriate to seek legal counsel. There’s no reason to go to a hospital to get sicker. Medical malpractice lawyers like David Heil in Orlando can be your advocates while you focus on what’s important: your health.

Oscar King is a freelance writer and family man who contributes articles and advice on a variety of topics affecting health and the home, as well as insights into the blessings and challenges of family life.