Three Places Where You Can Get Free Legal Assistance

UntitledLegal services are often feared as one of the most expensive things a person may need during their life. But more recently, we are very fortunate that there are various free or low-cost legal services provided by the government, different law firms, and even law schools. For example, if you are seeking help from child pornography lawyers but you can’t afford it, you can still get legal help free of cost. Moreover, if you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you may be dreading heading to court, especially if you do not have the resources to afford a lawyer. Don’t worry; you may be entitled to obtain free legal services without charge. In many places of the world, government pays for the legal assistance, or in a word, lawyer fees. Here are three such free legal assistance groups you can use to obtain free lawyer services:

Public Defenders: If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you will be taken to court. If you cannot afford the cost of the lawyer, you have the right to free legal services for your criminal trial. Generally, these free working attorneys are appointed by a judge from a public defender’s office when you are formally charged with criminal counts. Many law firms are nowadays available for providing free legal help based on the client’s need. A lawyer’s duty is to help the person for humanitarian reason, and thus free legal services are introduced.

Social Justice Organizations: Sometimes you can find free legal help if your case involves a social issue. For example, if you need a lawyer for child molestation and you require free help, there are various firms available to help you. For example in Australia, the AED Legal Centre, Barwon Community Legal Service, Inc, and others are popular community legal centers that provide free legal help to the public.

Law School Legal Clinics: You can find free legal services from different law schools that offer free legal service to low-income clients. These services are provided by law students under the supervision of an attorney. Generally, this type of work is offered in one or more particular areas, including family law, elder law, landlord-tenant law, healthcare law, and financial assistance. Moreover, law students can provide a range of legal services including, but not limited to, research and writing, drafting legal documents, client interviews, negotiation, and court preparation.

Without the capacity to provide wide-scale individual representation, other efforts including legal literacy, court reform, and systemic changes in the law will not achieve the goal of giving poor people greater control of their lives. From the overall discussion presented in this article, it is clear that legal aid is not a charity or bounty, but is the prime object of the state and a right of the citizens.

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Kristine Jone is the author of this article. She is a professional blogger who has a deep knowledge about the work and services provided by lawyers. She has had numerous articles published on the Internet that cover a wide range of topics related to legal services. Moreover, in writing, her focus keyword was child pornography lawyers and she put emphasis on this keyword. She always shares her knowledge with her readers, and in this article she tried to discuss the skills that a good lawyer should have. While writing this article she researched online reading materials, website content, blogs, etc.


How to Hire the Right Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers are experts in representing people charged with an assault and criminal offence before court. Few examples of assault charges include physical injury, attempt to choke, wounding someone recklessly, assault during a major public disorder, and common assault.

If you have been accused of committing a serious assault, it is always best to hire a criminal lawyer for your defense. How can you find the right lawyer? Read on for some tips.

Choose a lawyer not based on the asking price

Price is an indicator of how successful an attorney is, at least to most people. A lawyer whose price is lower than you originally thought might lead you to think that he or she is less experienced. But sometimes, this isn’t always the case. Some lawyers are just great at presenting a façade through marketing and branding which enables them to acquire several clients, as compared to those who have smaller offices; hence, the over-head costs and other fees are smaller, too.

The best way to rise above this issue is to interview the lawyer and listen to your intuition. Too often, prices are misleading and you should be aware of the pretentious tactics that other law offices display.

Consider those who are willing to listen and can give honest answers

There’s no need to sugarcoat a serious legal situation, because however bad it may look like, sugarcoating won’t change anything. The only thing that should matter to you and your lawyer is to think of ways to win the case objectively. An experienced criminal lawyer should objectively look at your situation and he should provide you with the most realistic legal advice possible. Hearing some bad news is part of the process, but a great lawyer has got the critical thinking skill to put it in perspective.

Avoid lawyers that pleads his clients guilty most of the time

While having a plea bargain can reduce the severity of your crime, and thus your supposed jail sentence and fines, this should not be the only option for you. An attorney that has a record of pleading every client guilty is reflective of his low confidence in giving professional judgment. Always remember the fact that representing yourself to a trial court is a constitutional right so your lawyer should feel competent enough to take on your case and harbor it to court to improve your chances of success.

Some interview questions you may ask to your potential lawyer include:

  • Have you had similar cases like mine in the last three years?
  • How often do you take legal cases to trial?
  • When was your most recent trial case? How did it go?

The only time you should agree on pleading guilty with your lawyer is when you have no other options left.

If you’re from southeast Australia, Prime Lawyers handles assault offence cases in NSW, they can assist you  if ever you are in need of legal help.

What to Do If You’re Discriminated against at Work

In today’s world, we all have a common hope that people are becoming increasingly accepting and fair. Unfortunately, that makes it that much more surprising when we become objects of harassment or discrimination. It’s especially hard to accept when something like this happens at work, where we expect to be able to trust the other individuals there to be fair and professional.

Workplace discrimination is rather common, unfortunately, but it can be quite difficult to determine what your course of action should be if this happens to you.

What should you do first?


Let your employer know about the incident that made you feel discriminated against. It’s always possible that the action or words that made you feel this way were entirely unintentional or misunderstood. If you feel comfortable with it, you can confront the individual who made the comments, and inform them of how their words or actions made you feel. In some cases, this will clear up the matter, and you may find that you misinterpreted what was said.

Many cases aren’t cleared up this easily, though. Perhaps you feel strongly that you were passed over for a particular job because of your race, gender, or religious affiliation. These matters can’t be resolved with a simple apology. Speak to your direct supervisor, or, if the incident involved your direct supervisor, speak with their supervisor about the incident. Most employers today have very specific ways of handling complaints like this, and it is likely that your employer will investigate the matter thoroughly.

Be Prepared

In this situation, the onus is on you to come into the situation prepared. Write down the details of the event before you bring up the matter to your employer. Be sure you recall exactly what happened. If others were present, you might ask them to describe how they perceived the situation so that you can be sure that you are speaking the whole truth when you report the event. This will help you in the event that an investigation needs to happen. By giving an accurate description of the events, you’ll be seen as honest and respectful, which can only help your case.

You should also research your employer’s policies and procedures for events like this. This will help you to hold your employer to their word. Unfortunately, there are cases where employers wish to simply dismiss the matter without handling it appropriately. If you know what they’ve promised to do, you can hold them to their own standards.

Get Help

It’s unfortunate, but there are many cases where employers do not take these matters seriously, and injustices go unhandled. If your employer refuses to fix the situation, you should get legal help.

Hanne & Co Solicitors is an experienced law firm when it comes to these matters. Getting appropriate legal assistance can ensure that the violation does not go unnoticed, and can help you and others to be treated fairly in the future.


How to choose a divorce lawyer in Toronto?

It is often said that finding a good lawyer is as important as finding a good doctor. Indeed, if on the doctor depends your health, and then on the lawyer depends your legal security and material well-being. Unfortunately, a good doctor, and competent divorce lawyer are equally difficult to find. Our experience allows us to formulate a few simple rules to find a good divorce lawyer – a specialist in a particular area, which will not disappoint your expectations and performs the work honestly and faithfully. All that is written below – this is our view of things; we do not impose our opinion and do not want to cast a shadow on the faithful experts. In any case only you will decide: you should always analyze the communication with a divorce lawyer and draw your own conclusions. And remember: an error in the choice of a divorce lawyer in Toronto is very expensive and often the second time it is impossible to produce a similar lawsuit.

At first, let’s understand the terminology:

Jurist – is a person who has received a legal education – secondary or higher education (it could be a prestigious university or college. It is important to understand that the work of a jurist is not licensed, so that at the reception you can get to anyone: to check his education, qualifications and work experience you are unlikely to succeed – you have to believe in the word. Pay attention that unscrupulous jurists to raise their status in the eyes of customers call themselves lawyers, but they do not have any right to it.

Divorce lawyer in Toronto – is also a jurist, BUT he must be:

  1. With higher legal education received in the educational institutions with the state accreditation.
  2. With significant work experience,
  3. Successfully passed qualification examinations,
  4. Get a lawyer status,
  5. Registered in the Chamber of Attorneys in Toronto.
  6. Have significant powers conferred by law,
  7. Constantly improve his qualifications.

The activity of the lawyer is not a business, which means that its purpose is not the profit. The laws on advocacy gives the divorce lawyer in Toronto the wide powers necessary for the effective operation of the gathering of evidence and representation in court. The volume of authority of the lawyer is much higher than that of a simple jurist. For example, only a lawyer has the right to send the requests to different organizations, and they must respond, and because of this information, in our practice, there is 80% of the success of the deal. The divorce lawyer in Toronto is completely independent: he has no bosses and no one can exert pressure on him. Lawyer in Toronto linked only by the law and the interests of the client.

Algorithm of searching a lawyer:

  1. Clearly define for yourself the problem and determine the desired result.
  2. Use the search engine on the Internet.
  3. Sort the information and sites
  4. Go to a consultation to the chosen lawyer, ask for any topic, the most stupid questions, and offer your own solutions, even totally unrealistic.
  5. After returning home, analyze if all were clear, was you have any psychological contact with a lawyer, whether it was comfortable to chat, whether you are satisfied with the terms of the contract. If so, sign an agreement to work.

Aaron Stewart acts as a blogger for a number of online publications (including companies like, who covers topics in the field of divorce lawyer practice and subjects in areas alike. A tireless drifter of internet space and an influencer in anything noteworthy for the divorce lawyer in Toronto .

What to Do if You’re a Victim of Food Poisoning

Health officials report that the majority of instances of food poisoning occur because of contaminated products and poor practices of restaurant workers. Every year, millions of Americans will experience the debilitating symptoms of food-borne illness. There are a number of reasons why something you ate caused you harm, but in Oregon, most food poisoning cases are due to Salmonella, e.coli, campylobacter, and listeria. From nausea and fever, to vomiting and diarrhea, a bout of food poisoning is more than uncomfortable–it can be life threatening. Some extreme cases have led to long-term illness and death.

There have been recent pushes to educate food handlers about hygiene, and when suspicion of contaminated products arises, it’s important to investigate. Oregon was recently ranked the top state in the entire US for reporting food poisoning. Our top-notch health departments are thorough at documenting instances of outbreak. For all their diligence, though, victims still need an experienced attorney to advise them on how to go about the legal process. For people deserving compensation for their traumatic experience, Oregon personal injury attorneys can help you recover money for medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering.

If I get food poisoning, do I have a case?

Proving a restaurant was liable for your food-borne sickness can be tricky, as it’s difficult to trace what exactly caused your symptoms. The incubation period for many illnesses can be as high as a few days. If you’re on vacation or have eaten food from a variety of sources, it may seem near impossible to pinpoint what you ate to cause such a reaction. This is where Oregon personal injury attorneys come into play. Once you’ve recovered enough from your illness, a firm like Nelson MacNeil Rayfield will walk you through the investigative procedure, reaching out to health agencies and other resources in the area to see if other reports have surfaced. They will also advise you on the appropriate tests to take with a doctor to help determine the type of food poisoning you’ve endured.

In short, yes, you likely have a case if you were diagnosed with salmonella, E.coli or some other serious food-related illness. In order to recover damages from a restaurant, manufacturer, grower, or other source of the product, you’ll need to do a number of things to optimize your chances in court. Oregon personal injury attorneys can help you gather information and evidence to pursue a strict liability or other claim.

What to Do if You Have Food Poisoning

  1. Go to the doctor. The effects of food poisoning are so uncomfortable that many victims lie powerless in their homes and hotel rooms, slaves to their beds and the bathroom. However, a proper lawsuit will require thorough medical documentation, including specific test results regarding what type of pathogen caused your illness. Most importantly, you need to take your health seriously. Certain food poisonings can cause permanent kidney damage and even death.
  2. Start a journal. Once you’ve recovered enough to investigate, victims need to think long and hard about all the food items they consumed in the incubation period of their diagnosed illness. Document grocery stores, restaurants, and other possible sources of the foods you ate. Consult with family members and friends, as their memories may be clearer than yours.
  3. Contact Albany Oregon attorneys. They have expert experience dealing with a variety of incidents involving contaminated food, whether it was due to a careless employee, a restaurant’s violation of a health code, or a tampered with item. A professional can help you collect and preserve important evidence needed in court, and he or she will be able to coerce the at-fault party in ways that a patron cannot. Restaurants safeguard themselves from the constant threat of lawsuits over customers’ various unrelated illnesses. If you have a legitimate case and are deserving of medical damages or even punitive compensation, an attorney will help you prove their liability.

Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement

It is understood that many marriages do not endure, with divorce fairly commonplace in a society that once valued the institution. Just the thought that a marriage might not last for the long haul has some people thinking that a prenuptial agreement is wise, one that can protect your personal or business assets, or both. Read on for some reasons for a prenuptial agreement.

Who Owns What

A prenuptial agreement spells out who owns what. If you enter a marriage with significant assets that you want to preserve, then a prenuptial agreement is important.

That agreement will spell out what assets you own belong to you as well as the assets your spouse will bring to the marriage. It is understood that some assets will be held jointly and those can warrant a mention too. Your attorney can help you delineate what those assets are.

When You Remarry

If you have already experienced a failed marriage, you may have been raked over the coals by your ex-spouse. Years of planning, saving, earning and building were suddenly undone as your attorney was unable to preserve what you had built.

And now you are in a new relationship, one that you want to make permanent. At the same time, you are hesitant in moving forward, knowing that the same problems you experienced in your earlier marriage may crop up once again. In this case, a prenuptial agreement is in order, one that you and your new spouse can live with.

Do it Early On

Never bring up a prenuptial agreement just before you are to marry. Attorneys that work with soon to marry clients advise that the agreement be completed at least three to four months before the wedding date.

By discussing and completing a prenup months in advance, the couple can concentrate on their relationship, including their new marriage. A prenup can distract both parties as they plan their lives together.

Postnuptial Agreements

Some couples choose to make a nuptial agreement after they are married. Known as postnuptial agreements these may be treated differently than a prenuptial in some states.

It is important for couples to consult with an attorney when considering any sort of an agreement. Your attorney can direct you in the best course of action to take to ensure your rights are preserved. This step can also help your marriage get off to a good start.

Full Disclosure

It is important that the couple offer full disclosure of their assets. Indeed, such disclosures ensure the validity of the agreement. For instance, if the woman has a business she intends to operate, but fails to disclose its full value, she may have the makings of the next Facebook unknown to her spouse.

Without proper disclosure, what was intended to belong to one party only may suddenly be contested by the divorcing spouse. By the way, the supposed “fairness” of a prenuptial agreement can vary from state to state.


For the Children

If your marriage produces children either biologically or through adoption, a prenuptial agreement can protect them. Not that the children are directly affected in all cases, but if there is a dispute that arises it could divide the parents further and put the children in the middle.

Your children must be cared for until they are of legal age or even beyond when college or trade school becomes part of the equation. There are legal requirements for offspring that have nothing to do with a prenuptial agreement, but always should be kept in mind by couples who plan to have children.

Lastly, contact a prenuptial attorney as soon as you are considering such an agreement advises The attorney will discuss with you your options and the best course of action to take.

Right time to invest in India’s property sector

The Indian property sector has been a great place to invest in for a couple of decades now. There has been some massive growth and development in the country and the economy, making sure that all the industries are doing well. The real estate industry is no different. Here are some of the reasons as to why this is the perfect time to invest in the real estate of the country.

  1. The betterment of lifestyle:

About three to four decades ago, India was not the country which has the attention of the world market. As development and education took place, the lifestyle and living standards of the country has increased. As of now, India is a place which can cater to all kinds of businesses and people from the world.

Even if one goes to buy a property, he can have all the facilities and amenities that he is looking for.

  1. The booming real estate market:

Be it the betterment of construction, or the appreciation of rates; the real estate market of the country has been making progress like none other. There are builders and developers are making sure that they keep in alignment with the world standards of construction and are also providing value for money to the people.

With better infrastructural developments, even a property in Delhi, which is a two-tier city close to Gurgaon, can be considered to be a luxurious living and will make you rich.

  1. The presence of the smaller cities:

While the major cities of the country are growing like a forest fire, the prices of land and all other real estate commodities are increasing as well. This may not be the ideal situation for the people who want to invest but do not have that kind of money. India is a country which will serve the interested real estate investors from all walks of life.

The smaller cities make it easier for the people to invest and get returns out of cheaper property and make sure that they have a growing asset value.

  1. Luxury living:

This is another one of the reasons as to why one would want to invest in India. The builders and developers in the country are making sure that they are providing the people with the best living. While real estate is always an investment, there are many who buy it because they want to live in their assets and want to have a good lifestyle.

While these opportunities are available to the people, they can always invest in the country for the same.

One needs to understand the market and also the overall growth of the market to make sure that the decision that they make is a good one and also reaps them enough benefits from the same. The real estate market of the country is overall a good place to invest in, but investors will have to look at the dynamics of the market of the city that they are looking to invest in. This is going to lead to a sound decision and no wastage of money.

For latest news on luxury living –

A Tort Law Guideline from Mismas Law Firm

Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Sometimes it is the fault of the victim herself/himself, while at other times it is caused by the carelessness of some other person. In situations when an accident occurs due to the fault of some other person, you can file a claim under the tort law. These injuries can range from minor to major injuries depending on where it has affected; physical, mental or emotional.

The injuries or wrongs, which an individual or group commits under general or statutory law, will be violation against the tort law. This person most often needs to compensate for the loss. If you are the person who is wronged, you can visit Mismas Law Firm and file your law suit. You will be compensated for the damages that you have faced.

Apart from property law and contract law, tort law is a part of the civil law. This law again has three broad categories, intentional, negligent and strict liability torts. The first one or intentional torts are those wrongs which the defendant was aware of or at least should have been aware that it will cause damage to others and yet commit them. The example in this case would be a brawl or fight where a person hits another in a fit of anger.

The next is negligent tort. In this case, the defendant undertakes unreasonably unsafe risks. For example, disobeying a traffic rule, which caused a collision with another vehicle?

The last one, strict liability tort is where the carefulness of the defendant is not of much importance. It is simply when a particular action of his/her damages someone else. The example of this kind of wrong could be selling of products which have crossed their expiry date. Mismas Law Firm can guide you best in such situations.

For any case to be proved as a tort there are 4 criteria to be fulfilled. The first is ‘duty’ which means that in the particular scenario was there any duty involved? In other words, did the defendant follow the rules and safety measures that every citizen is supposed to know and abide by? The next criteria would be whether after knowing that there was a duty involved he/she has failed, that is, ‘breach of duty’. For example, it is a known rule that one has to drive safely following the road rules. When a person fails to do so, road accidents occur.

The third condition is ‘causation.’ This means that a person filing for tort must prove that the injury caused is entirely due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of the defendant in not following rules or duties as desired.

Finally, the plaintiff must prove the ‘injury.’ The injury must entirely be caused due to breach of duty. Only then can a tort be filed. The injury can be in any form, either physical or financial. It can be abstract too, like emotional or mental trauma. These can also be counted as torts.

If your case fulfills all these criteria, you can get in touch with a tort consultant like Mismas Law Firm and file for your compensation. You can be rest assured that your damages will be taken care of and you will be compensated to the full.

Start a New Life with the Help of Fiancée Visa Attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma

I was fortunate enough that I came across the wonderful and effective services of fianceevisa attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma at the right time. I had filed a petition for the application of my foreign fiancee’s visa. We fulfilled all the requirements that were needed for the process of applying for a visa. We were all set to get married in a month and had also met in person before filing. We thought we had done everything that made us eligible to acquire the visa as soon as possible.

Everything was set and we were very happy and excited to have a beautiful future ahead of us. We had never thought of any kind of problem that could occur in the process of our documentation. None of us has assumed that a problem would occur during interview session which was conducted by the consulate officer in order to grant a visa. In the interview session, the officer had to check the compatibility of the couple, the honesty of the relationship and the income status of both the parties. He also tried to dig some personal information about my foreign fiancee. The problem occurred when he asked about the existence of criminal records which we denied.

This was actually not true because my fiancee was once suspected as a fraud in business but was later proved innocent. This suspicious case was registered in that particular nation. As my fiancee was not proved guilty, we did not pay much attention to this fact and denied having any criminal records. Upon investigation, the consulate official suspected us to be dishonest and denied providing admission into United States. It was really a very terrible situation to which the lawyers of visa attorneys inTulsa played a very important and helpful role.

We had all the evidence to prove our innocence but were not able to get in touch with the consulate directly. That is why we preferred to take the best professional help from the attorneys. The lawyers were more than happy to help and for this purpose they rearranged the procedure of filing the petition. To avoid the suspicious and sceptical doubts of the consulate officer, they guided us to build an extremely well documented visa application. It helped us to produce extensive and convincing evidence of our relationship and on the other hand we already had explanatory evidence of the criminal record.

During our second attempt at the interview, we convinced the official in every way. We were also able to convince him about the strong financial income that we had. With the help of the lawyers of Tulsa family visa attorney we were finally able to get an approval from the official and the visa was granted. We successfully and efficiently achieved a fiancee visa and this was all possible because of the attorneys. After hiring an experienced advocate, I noticed that the whole process moved very quickly. We were happy and conveniently got married within a couple of days. With knowledge and experience, we achieved success and are very happy spending our lives together.

Ian Smiles is author of this article on fiancee visa attorneys Tulsa Oklahoma. Find more information about visa attorneys in Tulsa.

Understanding the Work of Commercial Solicitors London

“Choosing a commercial solicitor doesn’t have to be hard. Commercial law ranks among the biggest employment segments for solicitors worldwide. These types of solicitors can work in several different areas of a business. Examples include regulatory advisers who are hired by public sector organizations, and corporate lawyers who are hired by private companies. A commercial solicitor is typically an expert in issues relating to patents, commerce, anti trust legislation, corporate law and intellectual property.

It is wise to enlist the services of a solicitor, when launching a business or registering a company. With regards to the latter, he or she can prepare articles of association documents, in accordance with the 2006 Companies Act, and carry out the required procedures with Companies House. While you are registering your company, you might need other paperwork preparing like a generic terms and conditions agreement, or a shareholders contract. Your solicitor can prepare this paperwork to your preferred specifications, and/or in accordance with your company’s articles. Most crucially though, your solicitor will ensure that your company’s constitutional paperwork is legally binding and that your business stays well protected.

Indeed, the best commercial solicitors London has to offer can protect your business on an ongoing basis, by registering the rights to your intellectual property and preparing your employment contracts. Should any incidents occur within your company, your solicitor can give you the expert guidance you need to stop litigation from happening. Also, your solicitor can help your company to circumvent or solve problems with regulators like Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Environmental Agency (EA), and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). He or she can serve as an intermediary, speaking directly to the regulator as your representative, to address any concerns and solve any issues. This may help to prevent any litigation or conflicts in future.

The commercial law industry is highly complicated and frequently controversial. Hiring a solicitor who can rapidly digest, analyze and articulate the intricacies of corporate law can be an extremely valuable aid to entrepreneurs, who are not familiar with legal jargon. Contact Strain Keville today to receive accurate legal guidance, customized to the specific commercial needs of your business. The commercial experience of our firm encompasses a wide range of fields, such as banking and finance, commercial property, debt management, business structures and finance. All the solicitors in our London office are specialists in their discipline, and can provide helpful legal guidance irrespective of the problem.”