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  • Divorce: Financial Fraud That Can and Does Happen

    Have you noticed something fishy going on in the family finances, particularly through the process of divorcing your spouse? You could be the victim of fraud. From hidden assets to misrepresentation, any suspect circumstances should be looked into further. Being educated on possible signs of fraud is key. Here are some warning signs that your no-so-better-half committed financial fraud.

    Be wary of sob stories: Hidden or missing assets and misrepresentation of family income are two common areas of financial management that can leave much more cash going to one spouse than another if not discovered early on. It’s often the case that a divorcing spouse attempts to gain the trust of unsuspecting relatives and friends to help them conceal funds; they often convince them that the other spouse is maxing out the credit cards or stealing money from them. According to Huffington Post, concealment is the cornerstone of fraud.

    Lifestyle and income changes: This is another big sign your spouse could be helping herself to the family nest egg. When one spouse starts living more than comfortably, purchasing cars and new wardrobes, going on vacations, and generally spending outside their normal means, this could be a major red flag of fraud. This is also the more difficult aspect of fraud to prove, but lots of small indications can really add up to the big picture.

    Look for these specific warning signs:

    • Change in confidentiality level between you and your spouse
    • Changes in their behavior you can’t explain
    • Pattern changes which could indicate worsening addiction, for example
    • Rerouted mail to a new location
    • Change in habits
    • Excessive time on computer; secrecy when doing so
    • Increased lying and deception
    • Increase in cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs
    • Concealing bank transactions

    The key here is to clue into this odd behavior sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more money that will go missing and the harder it will be to catch him and document the offending behavior. In fact, it may get increasingly harder to access certain records or trace funds with the more time that passes.

    Learn About Dissipation. This is a type of financial fraud that particularly occurs during a divorce dispute. This happens when one spouse excessively and irresponsibly spends money without the other spouse’s knowledge or consent. While the legal definitions vary, all instances involve depletion of  marital assets. Here are some examples to watch out for:

    • Money spent on gifts and trips for extramarital relationships
    • Losses due to gambling
    • Cash loans to others
    • Selling off of expensive assets for much less than the initial value
    • Excessive spending (this can also include business cash accounts)
    • House going into foreclosure
    • Destruction of personal items
    • Failure to maintain marital property

    With all this said, it can be difficult to spot fraud, let alone diagnose it and bring the case to the attention of the authorities. In addition, divorce is a highly volatile domestic situation that involves intense feelings and emotions that can get in the way of properly dealing with fraud. This is why you should keep the number of a securities fraud law firm handy in the event you need someone who specializes in recovering losses for investors. That someone is Paul at Thomas Law Group.

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    Think wise before you choose the decision

    Everyone will get in the marriage life with their loved once and definitely not with their unloved person. Therefore at the beginning stage of their marriage life everything will goes very nice. And they will be living very happy and pleasant full life with their spouse. They will understand each other, forgive each other, and do anything for their spouse. But after the time goes on they are moving to another part of the life which is to handle their future life. They will forget all about their happy life and started to think about their future and the comfortable carrier. At this point of time only all the issues are coming. But if they failed to hold hand and be supportive for one another then it will definitely leads to heavy misunderstanding and finally divorce case. Diverse is the legal paper document to show status that they are not living together any more.

    Things to Consider before divorce plan

    Engaging two people is not at an easy task, but the people are getting the divorce very easily even for the small unacceptable reasons. This shows only the immaturity about the people. Therefore the lawyers who are all attending the divorce cases will consider these kinds of case very carefully and give their suggestion and advices first of all to the couples. Then they will definitely try to make them convince and understand the situation. If they are stay strong in their decision then after six month of gap they will give the official divorce to the couple. This six month of time gap is sometimes they make have any scope to understand and to reconsider their decision.

    Use online agreement of separation

    With the advent of the technology now a day we have having facilities in order to apply for the divorce case even only through online mode. This is really the best and innovative idea in order to have safe and secured application as this is very confidential matter. Here are major benefits of applying the divorce in online mode. There will be no need to have face to face meeting with solicitors. Online lawyers are really quicker and easier to access than the other court lawyers or private lawyers.  You will get the help and the support only through the online itself. There are actually so many procedures and processing steps are there n order to apply for the legal diverse. There all the steps can be process only with the help of the online itself. You need not to give any other extra fees and payment. You can check also the Review Legal document and the web sites in order to get the news and the detailed info about the legal divorce procedures and rule. Some of the major ground for the getting the divorce plan by the couple should be under any other these grounds. They are adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviors, misbehaving in public places, two years of separation with consent, five years of separation of consent.


  • Conniff Law Offices

    Lawyers can be a dime a dozen, so what makes the difference? How can choosing the right lawyer make all the difference in the world? How on earth can a person chose one lawyer, when there are so many to chose from? In this article, you will find out the reason why hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference in the world.

    Let us ask ourselves, what is one of the first charachteristics we think about when the time comes in a persons life when they need to hire a lawyer. The most important question to be asking is, what will the lawyer be able to accomplish? To begin searching for a lawyer, the word of mouth method is typically the way to go. First, ask any friends and family so that they can give you exact examples and an honest opinion. Take all the information from the friends and family, now carefully think about what they hired their lawyer for and what the lawyer did for them. If friends and family give a reference, refer you to their lawyer, or have a friend that is a lawyer, your success rate for hiring the right lawyer will make the difference. If a person is unable to use a friend or their family, this is where the online profiles and reviews will help.

    The process of elimnation between lawyers is not easy. If the lawyer you are searching for has a website then use this for a reference, however, keep in mind that a lawyer’s website will try selling their services. The website will most likely say free consoltation, but once you call or go into their law office it will make it more difficult to walk away. Taking that into consideration, try taking the name of the lawyer to search google and any local review sites to see what people are saying. If there are comments, such as, great service but very expensive or well worth the money, these will be the make it or break it point when hiring the right lawyer. By reading reviews, taking the time to research, and narrowing down law offices hiring the right lawyer will be much easier then locating the closest one or just randomly seeing a sign on the highway. Remember, it will make it difficult to fire a lawyer and nobody wants to start paying for a lawyers service just to realize they are being ripped off.

    Hiring the right lawyer will make a difference in every single situation that a lawyer is needed. The number of lawyers to chose from can be overwhelming but once you hire the right lawyer for the job, he or she, will make a difference for the rest of your life. If a person choses the wrong lawyer they could be out thousands of dollars. Chose the right lawyer this can be the differenc in losing a house or keeping a house, being sued or not getting sued, losing everything in a divorce or carefully coming up with a compromise, hitting rock bottom or finding relief. The reasons for chosing the right lawyer in order to make that big difference are endless, however, choosing that lawyer could be the hardest decision a person has to make. Carefully, take any and all advise from the friends and family to take into consideration first. Then, read as many reviews to compare lawyers and see what people are saying about them. If a person can do these couple extra steps when finding the right lawyers the difference will be huge, the feeling will be relief, and when a person finds that right lawyer they will keep that relationship for as long as possible.


  • How to Make a Strong Personal Injury Case

    There are three basic steps that are crucial to making a strong personal injury case. After an accident, remaining calm and trying to remember every detail is important. Make sure to document, analyze, and keep everything in one place. In a personal injury case, the plaintiff is required to prove the elements of the claim. The four things that must be proven are: the defendant owes the plaintiff some form of duty, that said duty was broken, that the broken duty led to injury, and that damages can be paid for the injuries that occurred. The following steps will not be questioned in court or in a case if you remain level headed and take down the details.

    Record the Details of the Accident
    The first of these steps is to find and document evidence of the accident. Make sure that you get all of the contact information for any persons involved, witnesses, and victims, including insurance information if it’s available. Witness information is extremely important because they may need to be contacted at a later date to verify information. Ask for any copies of police reports, insurance reports, damage reports, or any data that is available from the accident. Photograph the scene, any property damage or auto damage, and any objects that might support your claim.

    Obtain all Documents Pertaining to the Injuries
    The second step is to document any personal injuries or other damages. After fault is determined through the evidence from the accident, it’s time to figure out how much money needs to be paid to satisfy the injury. Make sure that all paperwork is collected that contains any medical bills, hospital stays, medical diagnosis, and treatment plans. Also make sure to calculate any lost wages in the present and future. Ask an employer for information regarding your time worked, time missed, and wages owed. Keep a journal of any pain and suffering day to day. According to Georgia Injury Centers in Atlanta, GA, the more proof you have of your injuries and how your pain and medical treatment has affected your life, the better. When looking for payment for damages, make sure that all payments truly reflect the magnitude of your injuries.

    Get Organized
    Finally, stay organized. A case will flow smoothly and be easy to follow if the facts and data are concise and together. Keep all documentation in file folders and all notes that are taken, either at the scene or after the fact, in a notebook. Retain a trained legal professional after any type of accident, and keeping your facts, data, and records organized will help your counsel and your case. There is a statute of limitations in most states for personal injury lawsuits, and your attorney should know the timeframe for you or your loved one’s case. Ensure that your counsel has all of your evidence and documentation by the time the case is ready to be tried.

  • Do You Need an Attorney to File a Disability Claim?

    Life can throw us a curve sometimes. We think we’re going to be able to work until retirement age and enjoy our golden years, healthy and happy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way. We can suddenly find ourselves unable to provide for our families, a result of severe illness or traumatic injury, resulting in physical or mental impairment.

    Our folks depend on us. There are mortgages, monthly utilities, loan payments, tuition, the list is endless.

    Defining Disability

    We’re fortunate to live in a country that offers a solution when unexpected events occur. The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that prevents, or limits, a person from accomplishing one or more major life activities. Also taken into account, are whether there exists a record of the impairment or if the individual is perceived to have the disability by others.

    How to file

    Individuals can file for Social Security Disability payments on the ADA’s website, but they’ll need to make sure they have all of their documentation before they start.
    All of your medical records
    A list of all your medications, including the dosages
    Copies of all lab work and test results
    Proof of age and your SSN number
    Contact information for all of the medical professionals who provided your care
    Work history

    Applicants will also need to provide information for household family members. It can be a daunting process. Approval for Social Security Disability can take anywhere from 3-5 months and even then, most people aren’t approved the first time. There is an appeal process.

    There are four levels of appeal:
    Another hearing
    An Appeals Council Review
    A review by the Federal Court

    Having an attorney to assist you with the application process won’t guarantee approval, but having the benefit of their knowledge and experience on your side can significantly increase the odds of your obtaining benefits.

    The Parmele Law Firm has compassionately represented over 50,000 people with disability claims throughout Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. Hiring a lawyer sounds expensive, especially when you find yourself suddenly unable to work, but at Parmele Law Firm, no payment is required by the client until their case is won. Fees are collected from the backpay the attorney is able to win for his client.

  • How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

    Choosing the right divorce lawyer is important. It is something many people hope they never have to worry about, but if the situation arises it’s important to be educated. Timeliness is key, the sooner a divorce lawyer is hired the sooner it’s possible to move into a new chapter in life. Following a few simple steps will make finding a divorce lawyer quick and painless.

    Get Organized

    Begin by knowing what the expectations of the divorce are. Have a checklist of finances that need to be taken care of, and how possessions should be divided. If there are children involved, be sure to write visitation expectations. If you are on speaking terms with your spouse, ask them to do the same. That way everything will be written out when negotiations begin. It will also help your lawyer understand your desired outcome from the divorce, and help them assist you as quickly as possible. If you drag your feet or change your mind constantly they won’t be able to begin helping you.

    Take Your Time Researching Attorneys
    After you’ve written a checklist, begin having consultations with potential divorce lawyers. Do not choose the first lawyer you meet. Just because you want to find a lawyer as quickly as possible does not mean you should settle for anything less than you deserve. Ask friends and family if they can recommend any good lawyers, and do plenty of research online. There are lots of sites that allow people to review the services they’ve received. Browse them, and call the lawyer’s offices as soon as you’ve found a few that you like. Make sure you discuss rates with your potential lawyer. When going through a divorce you are likely to have less funds immediately available. See if your lawyer will work out a payment plan, or base their fees on your potential settlement. The most important part of working with a divorce lawyer is feeling confident and taken care of. Your happiness with your lawyer is key in moving forward as quickly as possible. If you have time, check their track record in court. Ideally your lawyer should be successful when handling divorce cases.

    After interviewing with several lawyers you should choose the one that best fits your needs. Make sure they are affordable, understand your expectations, and make you feel confident. Divorce is not an easy time in life, but it helps if you have a lawyer you can trust. Finding a lawyer can be done quickly if you follow these steps.

  • How to Keep Your Divorce Happy

    Think that a divorce can’t be happy? While there are sure to be emotional moments, you may be surprised to learn that divorce doesn’t have to be the frustrating, tumultuous time that it is often depicted as. You can make the best of it, and you can see how the divorce could be a positive step in your life, especially in the long run. As you work through a collaborative divorce, keep the following tips in mind:

    Always Focus on the Future

    You don’t want to beat yourself up thinking about what could have been or what life used to be like. Divorce is a change, and change is often hard, but it’s also often very good. It opens up more doors for you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do and to create the happy life you crave. Focus on those positive aspects, think about how you can best take steps to improve your life, and you’ll see the good side of divorce more easily.

    Put the Kids First

    If you have children, keep them the center of your focus. Many people get bogged down in a negative divorce because they focus on fighting with their ex. If you have kids, their happiness needs to be your number one priority. When you take steps to create the best possible life for them, you’ll find this process far more fulfilling and uplifting.

    Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Things

    Letting things go is easier said than done, of course, but splitting up assets can be very hard, and it’s easier if you’re not emotionally attached to things that you can just buy again after the divorce. Remember that all material things are replaceable. Don’t get hung up on little things that don’t matter, letting their loss drag you down.

    Communicate with Your Ex

    One of the biggest issues, both during and after divorce, is a lack of communication. However, if you keep those lines open, things can go more smoothly. Tell your ex what you want and listen when he or she tells you the same thing. You may find that you agree on more than you assumed–your ex wants the summer house, for example, while you want the family home–which can make drafting parenting plans, dividing assets, and everything else go more easily.

    Commit to Yourself

    Your own mindset is incredibly important when you get divorced. It will be hard at times, but you have to commit to being happy. Make a list of the things that are truly important, like your future and your children, and put your time and energy into those things. When you’re dedicated to staying positive, you’ll find that it’s very possible, even during divorce.

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    Information about Bankruptcy Basics and Types

    Bankruptcy is a procedure, through which businesses and individuals can repay or eliminate all or some of their debts. This process is carried out under the protection of federal bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy is a complicated course of action and differs from one state to another. However, each bankruptcy chapter uses same terminology and adheres to same basic process.

    In bankruptcy petition filing, two main parties participate – debtor and creditor. Debtor is the one who owes money (debt) to the creditor. Debtor can either be an individual or a company. Creditor claims that the debtor owes him/her money, property, or service. Creditor can be a person or an organization. Most of the bankruptcy cases include several creditors.

    Types of debts

    • Secured – Loan provided against collateral
    • Unsecured – No collateral is needed

    Under secured debts, the creditor is provided with legal rights to take possession of the collateral, if you miss to pay the loan payment. For example, a bank or lender offered loan on your house. This house acts as security or collateral. If you avoid the mortgage payments, bank has the right to foreclose and take away your house.

    Secured debt in business can be very complicated. Variety of business loans enable creditors a security against intangible business aspects like trademarks, intellectual property or patents.

    Creditor can repossess lien property even if some debt portion gets discharged (secured debts cannot get fully discharged). Debtor can make payments and keep their assets or stop paying and have them repossessed. In bankruptcy settlement secured creditors are paid first.

    Bankruptcy jargon

    • Debt adjustment– Arrangements made to repay debts related to method/amount, which varies from the original agreement
    • Dischargeable debts – The debts that get erased through insolvency
    • Non-dischargeable debts – Arrears that cannot get wiped away through bankruptcy petition
    • Lien – A right given to the lender in the form of property to secure debt payment
    • Secured debt – Creditor has lien on secured debt
    • Unsecured debt – Debt is not coupled with property or any item

    Bankruptcy categories and types

    There are four types of bankruptcies. In US Bankruptcy Code these are named in chapters, respectively. For most of the time you can categorize them in two kinds – liquidation and reorganization. The kind of chapter you select to file insolvency will depend on certain factors.

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy falls under liquidation category. Chapter 11, 12, and 13 is referred to as reorganization bankruptcy.

    Chapter 7 – Consumer and business can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Some of the debtor’s assets are taken by bankruptcy trustee and sold to pay some of the debt. Unsecured debts like medical and credit debts get erased. Some secured debts are not covered and you have to continue paying for them.

    Exempt property (protected by state law) can be kept safely. Income generated, after bankruptcy filing can be kept by the debtor.

    Chapter 11 – The debtor can conduct the business, as usual, maintain ownership of the assets, and work a reorganization plan (in 120 days) for paying the creditors.

    Chapter 12 – The latest code, specially designed to re-organize family farms. Debtor owns and controls the farm. In addition, work out repayment plans with creditors.

    Chapter 13 – It is similar to Chapter 11 but only for individuals or a sole proprietor. Debtor designs a repayment plan of 3 to 5 years. Some debt portion gets discharged but depends on the debtor’s income. Debt limits are determined by federal government. Current debt limitations set are – $1,149,525 under secured debts and $383,175 under unsecured debt.

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    Always Consult A Lawyer Before Filing A Case

    People always have a change of getting injured or they can face an accident at where and anytime. It may be at work, road or anywhere. Some people can able to treat the injury or accident with their own money but some people cannot. The people who work for low-income cannot provide a large amount of money when sudden accident happens. So for those types of people the government and certain policy makers introduced the concept of insurance.

    Insurance Helps To Solve Accident Bills

    The insurance policy helps the people to solve their sudden accident bills which they cannot provide at a specific time. So the government also encourages people to take the insurance policy. In this insurance policy process the people or users have to pay a certain minimum amount from time to time. The payment or installment times various from one policy to other. One needs its user to pay on monthly basis while other requires yearly basis pay. They are various insurance policy are available such as life insurance, theft insurance and etc. where life insurance plays a major role. If the person gets sudden injury or accident then the insurance company pays for the user bill from the premium which he had paid.

    Lawyer Helps The People In Obtaining The Insurance

    Sometimes insurance company refuses for certain accident cases or victims. This may be because of the heavy hospital bills or fake cases. There are large numbers of accidents that are happening in New York. The insurance company refuses to pay for most of them. For such type of people the brooklyn personal injury lawyer helps them to collect the insurance money from the insurance company. The Boyco and Associates is the type of company which provides the best legal advice to the people to help them in getting the insurance policy.

    They have a set of highly qualified lawyers who helps them in their insurance case. They find a possible way to obtain the insurance money from the insurance company to the user. For doing this they charge very less amount of money from the user. These lawyers first try to obtain the money without moving to the court. If it is not possible then they will recommend the respective authority to take the case and to win for them in the court. They always provides very good results by providing legal services to various cases which includes personal injuries, Work injuries, auto accidents and others. Each and every user who comes to the Boyco associates will get 100 percent result. Many people who contacted them has satisfies very much. We can easily contact them with the details which they had provided at their websites.


  • Tips on Choosing a Good Criminal Defence Lawyer

    If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of facing criminal charges, it is important that you immediately get in touch with a good defence lawyer to assist with your case. In addition to this professional representing you in court, they will also play an essential role in determining the outcome of your case. The choice of a lawyer can mean the difference between a small probation period and time in jail. There are many criminal defence lawyers in Winnipeg and you have to be careful to get the best. Here are some tips to help you get the best law firm.

    riminal defence lawyers

    Start by obtaining a few recommendations from family members and close friends. If you know anyone who has used a criminal lawyer in the recent past, ask about their experience with the professional. If they loved the services, get in touch with the attorney. Law firms in Winnipeg that have a bad reputation among your relatives and friends should be avoided.

    Take your search online and gather information on criminal defence lawyers in Winnipeg. The Internet is a good place to view past client reviews and comments, check up on certification and education, and gain a better understanding of different attorneys. Lawyers with many negative reviews should be avoided.

    Once you have a few names of the top rated law firms in Winnipeg, evaluate each of them further before making your decision. Contact the state bar and ask if the lawyers you are interested in are admitted. This also gives you the chance to learn whether these lawyers are facing any charges, while viewing any current or past complaints.

    Schedule interviews with the best criminal defence lawyers in your list. Many lawyers will provide potential clients with free initial consultation. This gives you a chance to get a better perspective of the lawyer in question while assessing how they interact with you. Pay attention to the way in which the attorney speaks with you. A good lawyer makes you feel confident in their abilities while being friendly enough to make you feel comfortable with the situation at hand.

    Ask about the experience of the attorney. It is advisable to choose criminal defence lawyers in Winnipeg who have been practicing for several years. Ask the actual number of years a law firm has been running and avoid any firm with less than five years of practice. Also remember that all experience is not the same. Many years working on tax law is not the same as courtroom experience defending clients with charges similar to yours. Ensure that the lawyer you choose specializes in your charges.

    Finally, get a list of references from the lawyer. Most of the criminal defence law firms in Winnipeg have no problem giving potential clients a list of satisfied people they have represented in the past. Ask for past clients who faced similar charges to yours. Contact these people and ask questions about their experiences with the attorney. Inquire if they were satisfied with the outcome of their cases, and if they had the chance to choose again, if they would be confident in their decision with the lawyer.